Name ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] 1:18
[untitled] 0:13
All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt 2:43
Bob Dylan 2:41
Coke Owns the Color Red 4:19
Crybaby Lane 3:36
Crybaby Lane 3:19
Driving Blind in Pouring Rain 2:32
Fairfax 2:43
Ghost Town 2:53
Ghost Town (live) 3:37
Glass House Warming Party 3:43
How to Light a New York City Stove 4:05
How to Light a New York City Stove (live) 5:01
I Think They Try 2:13
I Think They Try (live) 2:17
If Trouble Were Money (A.K.A. the Real Cool Killers) 2:38
Instruments Three/Van Morrison Summer 2:56
Instrumentsone 2:00
Instrumentstwo 2:15
Mary M., 1:30 AM ?:??
Mary M., 1:30am 2:06
Northside Serenade 3:02
Other People's Dishes 2:08
Other People's Dishes 1:59
Reality-Based TV 3:31
Six Four Nine Five 2:04
SixFourNineFive 2:01
The "Yes" Men 4:31
The Flitcraft Case 2:27
The Flitcraft Case 2:26
The Flitcraft Case ?:??
There Are Spies Among Us 2:58
There Are Spies Among Us 2:43
There's an Entire World 2:59
This Is How To Light A New York City Stove ?:??
This Song's Not About Boys or Girls (It's About Punk Rock) 2:21
Tsnabog (Iapr) 2:17
Untitled (live) 3:04
Van Morrison Summer (live) 3:39
We Are the Housefire 2:25
We Are The Housefire ?:??

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