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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Analrexic 0:59
Armed Hold Up at the Wank Bank 4:09
Beauty and the Yeast 0:13
Cactus Sack 2:31
Cum Fart Tart 0:40
Cuntest 1:10
Dirty Beatie 0:20
Fisterectomy 2:01
Fleshlight 1:06
Giving Head to Mister Ed 2:51
Great Gran Slam 1:43
Grind Leading the Blind 1:49
Hellatio 2:29
Humpty Plumpty 0:49
I Wanna Do It with a Midget 1:09
March of the V.A.G. 1:25
Meddy Kreuger 0:54
My Dick Just Died, Can I Bury It in Your Arse? 0:08
Nutritional Paste 1:18
Pooch Gooch 0:07
So You Think You Can Fuck? 2:07
Teddy Got Fingered 3:21
The Bi Curious Case Of... 0:49
The Great Unwashed 1:54
Twilight of the Chunder God 6:10
Uncle Nasty Fingers Reoffends 2:39
Urgh! 0:17
Vaginomicon 2:40
Wam Bam Didn't Know You Were a Man 2:33

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