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members: Kärtsy Hatakka (1986 –)
Janne Immonen (1986 –)
Jariot Lehtinen (1986 –)
Sale Suomalainen (1986 – 1990)
Sami Yli-Sirniö (1989 – 1995)
Janne Parviainen (1990 – 2002)
Roope Latvala (1995 – 2001)
Sami Yli-Sirniö (2001 –)
Mika Järveläinen (2003 – 2005)
Ville Vehviläinen (2005 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
(Your) Nature Is Wild Waltari 6:11
4S Waltari 5:42
4000 Years Waltari 4:37
A Forest Waltari 5:26
A Sign Waltari 8:33
Alone Waltari 5:48
Atmosfear Waltari 4:30
Atom Angel Waltari 3:50
Autumn Waltari 3:45
Back to the Bottom Waltari 3:57
Ballad (to the Glory of Your Nature) Waltari+Angelit 7:54
Big Bang (Dream Avenue) Waltari 4:31
Broken Bizarre Waltari 3:14
Celtic Funk Waltari 3:24
City Neurotic Waltari 4:23
Color TV Waltari 3:08
Come On Come On Waltari+Angelit 3:39
Completely Alone Waltari 12:08
Connection Waltari 4:51
Deeper Into the Mud Waltari 4:57
Dream Waltari 5:14
Dreamworld Waltari 4:10
Every Bad Day Waltari 3:44
Feel! Waltari 4:45
Follow Me Inside Waltari 4:31
Freddie Laker Waltari 3:09
Hard and Positive Waltari+Angelit 4:27
Ii dohko guvluige Waltari+Angelit 2:21
Jänkhä Waltari+Angelit 5:01
Jänkhä Waltari 4:20
Let’s Get Crucified Waltari 1:39
Life Without Love Waltari 4:00
Live This! Waltari 5:22
Love Rocket Waltari 4:16
Mad Boy Waltari 4:23
Megacity Rain Waltari 4:50
Messengers (The Time Has Come) Waltari+Angelit 5:33
Misty Dreariness Waltari 7:41
Misty Man Waltari 4:17
Move Waltari 3:54
Muittut Waltari+Angelit 2:51
My Pain Waltari 5:20
Mysterious Waltari 15:00
Number None Waltari 3:48
On My Ice Waltari 5:15
One Day Waltari 4:10
One in the Line (Your Nature Is Wild, Part II) Waltari 5:52
Piggy in the Middle Waltari 2:54
Power of Thoughts Waltari 4:35
Quick as a Day Waltari 4:55
Radium Round Waltari 3:23
Real One Waltari 4:08
Rhythm Is a Cancer Waltari 3:08
Sámi eatnan Waltari+Angelit 5:07
Scum Waltari 4:46
Sensitive Touch Waltari 3:14
Showtime Waltari 4:28
Slow Thinking Street Waltari 7:10
So Fine Waltari 4:34
So Fine 2000 Waltari+Angelit 3:57
Stay Positive Waltari+Angelit 4:46
System ođđa áigi Waltari+Angelit 4:57
The Beginning Song Waltari 4:14
The Plan Waltari 5:15
The Stage Waltari 5:38
The Struggle for Life and Death of “Knowledge” Waltari 3:35
The Top / How Long Can U Go? Waltari 10:26
Time, Irrelevant Waltari 7:56
To Give Waltari 4:29
Tráveller Waltari+Angelit 4:54
Wasting My Mind Waltari 4:32
What I Really Know Waltari 4:40
No Limit / Your Funky Rhythm / Symphony of Destruction
(Your) Nature Is Wild
4000 Years
Aching Eyes
All Roads Will Lead to Rome
Atom Angel
Back to the Audio
Back to the Bottom
Ballad (to the Glory of Your Nature)
Big Bang (Dream Avenue)
Broken Bizarre
Celtic Funk
City Neurotic
Color TV
Come On Come On
Darling Boy
Digging Inside
Every Bad Day
Exterminator Warheads
Fly Into the Light
Follow Me Inside
Hard and Positive
I'm in Pain
Life Without Love
Live This!
Love Rocket
Mad Luxury
Megacity Rain
Messengers (The Time Has Come)
My Pain
New York
Not Enough
Number None
On My Ice
One Day
One in the Line (Your Nature Is Wild, Part II)
Power of Thoughts
Prime Time
Quick as a Day
Radium Round
Real One
Rhythm Is a Cancer
Sámi eatnan
Sensitive Touch
Shades to Grace
Slow Thinking Street
So Fine
Stay Positive
System ođđa áigi
The Beginning Song
The Plan
The Stage
Too Much Emptiness
Wasting My Mind
What I Really Know
Wide Awake
Misty Man (mix -98) Waltari 4:17
Rap Your Body Beat (mix -98) Waltari 4:02
Atmosfear Waltari 4:30
Big Bang (Dream Avenue) Waltari 4:31
Color TV Waltari 3:08
Connection Waltari 4:51
Feel! Waltari 4:45
Follow Me Inside Waltari 4:31
Jänkhä Waltari 4:20
Let’s Get Crucified Waltari 1:39
On My Ice Waltari 5:15
One in the Line (Your Nature Is Wild, Part II) Waltari 5:52
Real One Waltari 4:08
Sensitive Touch Waltari 3:14
Showtime Waltari 4:28
Slow Thinking Street Waltari 7:10
The Stage Waltari 5:38
Channel Nordica Waltari+Angelit
Radium Round Waltari