Name ISRCs Rating Length
Apache Mountain Spirit Dance Song 3:31
Apache Sunrise Song 2:38
Crow Traditional Song 1:40
Crow Traditional Song 1:39
Hopi Butterfly Song 3:25
Hopi Coming Out Song 2:17
Hopi Lullaby 3:15
Hopi Plaque Song 3:23
Hopi War Dance Song 3:28
Hummingbird Song 2:21
I Need Thee Every Hour 2:45
Navajo Fire Dance Song 2:51
Navajo Horse Riding Song 2:37
Navajo Yebechi Chant 2:55
Northern 3:34
Northern Plains Pow Pow 4:10
Red in the Rainbow 3:06
Sioux traditional song 4:14
Taos Hoop Dance Song 1:57
Taos Moonlight Song 3:17
Taos Round Dance 2:19
Taos Traditional Song 1:39
Taos Traditional Song 2:06
Taos War Dance Song 2:43
The Eagle's Bed 2:23
Who Am I 2:18
Zuni War Dance Song 2:27

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