September Girls DemoSeptember GirlsDigital Media3
  • -2012-02-14
Green Eyed / Danny WoodSeptember Girls7" Vinyl2
  • GB2012-10-22
Soft Power RecordsSOFT009
Green Eyed / Danny WoodSeptember GirlsDigital Media2
  • XW2012-10-22
Wanting More EPSeptember GirlsDigital Media3
  • XW2012-11-06
Wanting More EPSeptember Girls7" Vinyl3
Matinée Recordings (styled as "matinée" or "matinée recordings")matinée 085
DemosSeptember GirlsCD-R3
[no label] (Special purpose label – white labels, self-published releases and other “no label” releases)[none]
TalkingSeptember Girls7" Vinyl2
  • IE2013-04-22
Art for Blind RecordsAFB#36
Ships (Limited-edition, grey slipcase)September GirlsCassette2
  • GB2013-09-07
Haus of Pins007[none]
Ships (Limited-edition, navy-blue slipcase)September GirlsCassette2
  • GB2013-09-07
Haus of Pins007A[none]
HeartbeatsSeptember Girls7" Vinyl2
Fortuna Pop!FPOP1605060044171925
Cursing the SeaSeptember GirlsCD12
  • GB2014-01-13
Fortuna Pop!FPOP158CD5060044171888
Cursing the SeaSeptember Girls12" Vinyl12
  • GB2014-01-13
Fortuna Pop!FPOP158LP5060044171901
Cursing the SeaSeptember GirlsDigital Media12
  • XW2014-03-11
Fortuna Pop!
VeneerSeptember GirlsCD4
  • US2014-11-24
Kanine RecordsKR124[none]
Age of IndignationSeptember GirlsCD10
  • IE2016-04-08
Fortuna Pop!FPOP196CD5060044172670
Age of IndignationSeptember GirlsDigital Media10
  • XW2016-04-08
Fortuna Pop!
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