Troop (US R&B group)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Melody Troop 4:55
All I Do Is Think of You Troop 3 4:55
Another Lover Troop 5:01
Come Back To Your Home Troop 7:07
Deepa Troop 6:48
Don't Worry Your Mind Troop 4:01
Everybody Clap Your Hands Troop 4:50
Everything Troop 4:39
Fly Away Troop 3:15
For You Troop 4:28
Girl Can I Talk To You Troop 4:16
Give It Up Troop 6:50
Happy Relationship Troop 4:23
Hot Water Troop 4:48
I Feel You (feat. The Scotts) Troop 4:31
I Like That Troop 4:16
I Love Only You Troop 5:33
I Love You Lord Troop 5:34
I Take It Back Troop 3:58
I Will Always Love You Troop 5:06
I'm Not Gamin' Troop 4:53
I'm Not Gaming Troop ?:??
I'm Not Soupped Troop 4:23
I'm Not Soupped (remix) Troop 4:37
In This Place Troop 6:01
Just Want To Please You Troop 4:12
Keep You Next To Me Troop 4:41
L.O.V.E. Love (I'll Do) Troop 3:18
Let Your Light Shine Troop 4:33
Lift Up Your Hands All Ye People Troop 0:03
Lord You Been So Good To Me Troop 3:49
Mamacita Troop 5:37
Mamacita (extended 12' mix) Troop 6:51
May Day Troop 4:20
My Heart Troop 6:10
My Love Troop 3:46
My Music Troop 4:24
Ntro Troop 0:49
Only When I Laugh Troop 4:13
Over The Moon Troop 5:09
Praise Troop 1:21
Round And Round Troop 4:03
Set Me Free Troop 4:36
She Blows My Mind Troop 4:12
She's My Favorite Girl Troop 5:17
So In Love Troop 3:56
Something About You Troop 2:57
Spread My Wings Troop 4:43
Spread My Wings Troop 5:08
Spread My Wings Troop 4:41
Spread My Wings (Clark Kent Super mix with rap) Troop 5:06
Spread My Wings (Clark Kent Super mix) Troop 5:08
Spread My Wings (reprise) Troop 2:56
Still in Love Troop 5:08
Still In Love Troop 5:04
Strange Hotel Troop 5:10
Sweet November Troop 4:46
Sweet November (radio edit) Troop 4:12
That's My Attitude Troop 4:56
The Audacity Troop 5:39
The Club (Interlude) Troop 0:46
The Decision (Interlude) Troop 0:52
The Discovery (Interlude) Troop 0:54
The Scandal (Interlude) Troop 0:46
The Twist (Interlude) Troop 0:40
The Way I Parlay Troop 5:26
Troop Invasion Troop 0:57
Trooper's Love Troop 2:12
Try Me Over Again Troop 5:52
Villain Nocando feat. Troop 3:20
Watch Me Dance Troop 4:50
Whatever It Takes Troop 3:31
Whatever It Takes (to Make You Stay) Troop 5:20
When I Think Of His Goodness Troop 3:33
You Take My Heart With You Troop 3:58
Young Girl Troop 6:06

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