Krupskaya (Grindcore)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Grave Already Dug For Mirna? 0:33
A Spring That Was Not For Us 2:05
A Trail Of Broken Promises 0:30
Abandoned Industry Disintegrates Into Weeds 0:55
Airborn dissipation of varient U 1:14
All around the moral high ground people are dying 1:52
All Around The Moral Highground People Are Dying 2:22
And Bless Those Who Carry Trepidation for the Faceless Enemy 1:11
As Dust Gathers In The Fading Light 0:39
Blankets For The Empire 0:40
Burned straight against the sky 1:03
Cast To The Lubyanka Furnace 0:41
Cleanse The Infected Souls 0:19
Clouds over pripyat 1:57
Clouds Over Pripyat 3:05
Contaminated Dead Atmosphere 1:50
Designation 51°16'N_ 30°13'E 0:43
Duplessis Orphans 1:12
Enter The Age Of Paranoia 2:51
Eurocentric Cycle Of Exterminate 0:20
Failed by the Angel of Mons 0:33
Failure of the human conscience 0:20
Failure Of The Human Conscience 0:18
Flag Of Hate 3:25
Fluride's the Chemical Defense Of The Companies 2:53
Forever the clock ticks 1:23
Healing The Garden 1:35
I Desecrate The Boundaries For Which We Stand As Enemies 0:43
In Silent Water There Is No Light 2:51
Infection For Immunity 0:10
Intro 1:00
Krupskaya 0:28
Krupskaya v Foible Instinct split teaser 1:48
Lives Dissolved To The Abyss Of Oblivion 1:05
Make Them Subhuman And They Will Be Victims 1:24
Man Is Wolf To Man 0:50
Mer Blanche Solovetsky 0:39
Monitored results of un-recorded death 1:50
New Seeds Poison The Minds Of The Poor 0:57
Norilsk is the world 0:20
Norilsk Is The World 0:17
Norilsk Is The World I| ?:??
Only Rats Came for the Bodies 2:04
Onwards the Rightious into the Mire 1:00
Order Of The New Templars 1:41
Phyrric Victory 0:46
Pyrrhic Victory 0:42
Rain Fell in the Morning Air 0:35
Rebirth Island 0:38
Reprocessed and consumed 0:49
Send Plagues Upon The Masses 0:30
Silent Hunger In The Trees Of Nazino 1:06
Silt And Waste Cloud The Once Clear Stream 0:45
Silt And Waste Cloud The Once Clear Stream 0:43
Step Fourth Onto The Land Of Freedom 0:25
Storm Troopers For Christ 1:56
Symbiosis Through Decay 1:41
The Earth Burns Beneath My Feet 1:11
The Law Is A Child And Our Creator 0:56
The Mines Of Butugychag 0:56
The probable demise of entire peoples 0:31
The Probable Demise Of Entire Peoples 0:26
The Psychological Annihilation Of Us All 3:43
The same dull echo 0:26
The Same Dull Echo 0:23
The Spores drift on the wind 0:54
The symptom of life falls into shadows 1:12
The Victims Of Bhopal Prove Your Life Means Nothing 0:54
Then Burn Their Bodies 0:35
Those Still Undestroyed 0:43
To Die Buried And Unborn 0:42
Trespass Against Me for I Am War and Rebirth 0:37
Untitled ?:??
Veiled Behind the Indignation of Bacteria 1:32
Wake up sterile 2:18
Wake Up Sterile 1:31
We Dug In The Earth With Our Hands 0:18
Weaponized incubators on the civilisation battlefield 0:37
Weathered By The Seasons 0:42
Wreaths Of Smoke Beneath The Silent Blue Sky 2:00
Years past into isolation 1:07

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