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Name ISRCs Rating Length
Superhip 1:20
Superhip ?:??
Surround 3:27
Tactile 4:51
Talk of Aching 1:04
Teen Goth ?:??
Tell Me What You Want (Then Tell Me What You Need) 2:48
Tell Me Where My Hands Should Go 1:32
Temp ?:??
Temper 1:36
Temper (Version) 1:27
Tested 3:25
Tested 3:30
That Boy Yr With Is a Dick 1:27
That's Progress 2:38
The 90s Are Thru (Whining Boys With Acoustic Guitars) 2:50
The Basics 1:15
The Desperate Hours 4:17
The Man the Myth 1:38
The Moment 1:02
The Others Way 2:27
The Others Way ?:??
The Sadness in You 3:37
The Second Fiddle 5:46
The Toilets of Northern Europe 3:33
The Useless Romantic 2:06
The Useless Romantic 2:09
The Useless Romantic ?:??
The Warmest Hours 1:19
There Is No Sound or Colour ?:??
They're Making Money Off Of You [4 track version] 1:17
They're Making Money Off You 1:11
This Angry Silence 2:41
This Is All I Know 1:59
This Is All I Know (drum machine version) 1:53
This Is Easy 1:53
This Is Part of Me 1:29
Too Good to Ignore 1:59
Turquoise Mood 1:51
Twisted Love 2:19
Two 1:18
Two ?:??
Untouched by Conversation ?:??
Use a Bank, I'd Rather Die ?:??
Vanity Is Sanity ?:??
Vinegar Evenings 2:05
Vinegar Evenings ?:??
Vitamin B 2:12
Vitamin B 2:21
Vitamin B (live) ?:??
W.R.H. (version disco) 0:56
Walking Out of Love 1:28
Wanting for All the Wrong Reasons 1:24
Wanting for All the Wrong Reasons 1:23
We Were Wrong 3:13
We Were Wrong 3:13
West Riding House 0:55
West Riding House ?:??
What You Decide to Cherish 1:58
Whatever Gets You Thru the Day Is Fine With Me ?:??
Whatever Gets You Thru the Day Is Fine With Me (acoustic) ?:??
When Do You Realise This Isn't What You Hoped For ?:??
When I Was a Blonde and You a Brunette 28:10
Where to Place Your Trust? 1:27
Where to Place Yr Trust? 1:06
Why Bother Asking Me Now? 2:29
You're Breaking His Heart 0:55
You're Breaking His Heart ?:??
You've Squandered Yr Talents 1:35
Your Dark Secrets 2:11
Your Lack of Interest Does Not Interest Me 2:49
Your Unspoken Desires ?:??
Yr Arrogance Is Not Lost 1:16
Yr Beautiful 0:57
YR Beautiful 0:57
Yr Breaking His Heart 0:49
Yr Breaking His Heart ?:??
Yr Love It Lies to You 1:37
Yr Silent Years 1:49
Yr Unspoken Desires 1:31

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