Darius Campo

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member of:Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra (violin)
Discogs:https://www.discogs.com/artist/408292 [info]


1995-09-27 – 1995-09-30A Woman Likes to Be ToldviolinRosemary Clooney3:55
1995-09-27 – 1995-09-30It's So Peaceful in the CountryviolinRosemary Clooney4:10
1995-09-27 – 1995-09-30Limehouse BluesviolinRosemary Clooney2:31
1995-09-27 – 1995-09-30MangosviolinRosemary Clooney2:46
1995-09-27 – 1995-09-30The ContinentalviolinRosemary Clooney3:12
1995-09-27 – 1995-09-30What Is This Thing Called LoveviolinRosemary Clooney2:52
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17America the BeautifulviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade5:21
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17American DreamsviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade4:50
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17BittersweetviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade6:43
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17It Might Be YouviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade4:52
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17Love Like OursviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade4:25
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17NightfallviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade5:06
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17No Lonely NightsviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade5:16
2002-05-14 – 2002-05-17Young and FoolishviolinCharlie Haden with Michael Brecker feat. Brad Mehldau and Brian Blade5:36
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Alkali LakeviolinJohn Ottman1:59
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Augmentation Room (Death Strikes Deathstrike)violinJohn Ottman4:58
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29CerebroviolinJohn Ottman1:28
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Deathstrike Dies / Magneto’s Old TricksviolinJohn Ottman5:53
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Evolution Leaps ForwardviolinJohn Ottman3:10
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Evolution Leaps Forward (original version)violinJohn Ottman0:51
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Fireside Chat / Flashback / Jean and Logan / You Know What I WantviolinJohn Ottman5:02
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29God Among Insects / Where Is Everyone?violinJohn Ottman2:11
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Goodbye / We’re Here to StayviolinJohn Ottman7:04
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29I’m InviolinJohn Ottman4:21
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29It’s TimeviolinJohn Ottman3:53
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Jason’s Story / Harmless KissviolinJohn Ottman3:29
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Jean’s Hallucination / Something TerribleviolinJohn Ottman1:02
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Magneto’s EscapeviolinJohn Ottman1:27
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Mansion Attack / Don’t You Remember / EscapeviolinJohn Ottman7:54
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Meeting NightcrawlerviolinJohn Ottman2:20
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Newscast / Permission / ReunionviolinJohn Ottman3:38
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Nightcrawler AttackviolinJohn Ottman3:18
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Opening Cerebro / Bottom’s UpviolinJohn Ottman1:58
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Opening TitlesviolinJohn Ottman1:09
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Pyro AttackviolinJohn Ottman3:15
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Rogue Earns WingsviolinJohn Ottman2:23
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Sneaky MystiqueviolinJohn Ottman4:01
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Storm’s Perfect Storm / MissilesviolinJohn Ottman2:20
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Suite from X-Men 2 (End Credits film version)violinJohn Ottman9:10
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Suite from X-Men 2 (End Credits original version)violinJohn Ottman7:17
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29The Children / Something’s WrongviolinJohn Ottman2:40
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Twentieth Century Fox FanfareviolinAlfred Newman0:22
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29What Bobby Can Do / Finding FaithviolinJohn Ottman2:49
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Wolverine to the RescueviolinJohn Ottman8:16
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29Xavier EscapesviolinJohn Ottman1:26
2003-03-07 – 2003-03-29You Remember HimviolinJohn Ottman2:29
2009Este seu olharviolinDiana Krall2:46
2009Every Time We Say GoodbyeviolinDiana Krall5:19
2009Guess I’ll Hang My Tears Out to DryviolinDiana Krall4:59
2009How Can You Mend a Broken HeartviolinDiana Krall4:30
2009I’ve Grown Accustomed to His FaceviolinDiana Krall4:48
2009Quiet Nights (lyric version #3, lyrics credited to Lees/Kaye)violinDiana Krall4:45
2009So NiceviolinDiana Krall3:52
2009The Boy From IpanemaviolinDiana Krall4:54
2009Too Marvelous for WordsviolinDiana Krall4:05
2009Walk On ByviolinDiana Krall5:03
2009Where or WhenviolinDiana Krall4:10
2009You’re My ThrillviolinDiana Krall5:47
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Baile sauveviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval6:42
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01CarnivaleviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval7:47
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Elegy for John BarryviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval4:14
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Gospel of TruthviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval7:53
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01LauraviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval4:43
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Samba de HigginsviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval5:06
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Serenade From RioviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval4:48
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Só danço sambaviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval5:20
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01Spy on the WallviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval7:14
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01TenderlyviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval3:26
2012-06-16 – 2012-08-01True to the EndviolinKevin Kaska Jazz Orchestra, Arturo Sandoval7:26
A New LifeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:57
A New LifeviolinJerry Goldsmith4:56
A New Life (alternate 1)violinJerry Goldsmith5:41
A New Life (alternate 2)violinJerry Goldsmith3:17
ALONE EN LA VIDAviolinL’Arc〜en〜Ciel5:12
Arthur’s FanfareviolinJerry Goldsmith0:45
Arthur’s FarewellviolinJerry Goldsmith5:27
Arthur’s FarewellviolinJerry Goldsmith5:28
AvalonviolinJohn Tesh5:25
Baby I’m a FoolviolinMelody Gardot3:31
Back to YouviolinFaith Hill4:36
Be Careful (Cuidado con mi corazón)violinRicky Martin & Madonna4:05
Beautiful LieviolinHans Zimmer & Junkie XL3:47
Ben EscapesviolinEdward Shearmur3:12
Black and BlueviolinHans Zimmer & Junkie XL8:31
Blood of My BloodviolinHans Zimmer & Junkie XL4:26
Boat TripviolinJerry Goldsmith2:05
Boat Trip (alternate segment)violinJerry Goldsmith1:08
BreathlessviolinVanessa Williams4:49
BrigadoomviolinThe Hollywood Studio Symphony, Tim Simonec3:41
Bringin’ On the HeartbreakstringsMariah Carey4:35
Buying the Space FarmviolinThe Hollywood Studio Symphony, Tim Simonec3:17
CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith2:40
CamelotviolinJerry Goldsmith2:20
Camelot LivesviolinJerry Goldsmith4:04
Camelot LivesviolinJerry Goldsmith5:39
Close to YouviolinVanessa Williams4:37
Come On StrongviolinVanessa Williams2:36
Conjure of SacrificeviolinEdward Shearmur2:41
Day of the DeadviolinHans Zimmer & Junkie XL4:02
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