Gary D.

~ Person

Legal name: Gerald Malke

Also performs as: Bazztard


Unspecified type

2009D-Techno 25Gary D.1
Airtribe - SunflowerGary D. & Arne L II1
D-Techno 13Gary D.1


2004D-Techno 10Gary D.1


1996WorksGary D.1
1996WorksGary D.1
1997Bang!Gary D.1
1999D-SignalsGary D.1
2001Strike!!!Gary D.1
2001Strike !!!Gary D.1
2004(Four)Gary D.1

Album + Compilation

2000D-TechnoGary D.1
2000D-TechnoGary D.2
2000D-Techno 2Gary D.1
2001D-Techno 3Gary D.1
2001D-Techno 4Gary D.1
2002D-Techno 5Gary D.1
2003D-Techno 7Gary D.1
2003D-Techno 8Gary D.1
2004D-Techno 9Gary D.1
2005D.Trance 29Gary D.2
2005D-Techno 12Gary D.1
2006D‐Techno 14Gary D.1
2006D-Techno 15Gary D.1
2007D-Techno 17Gary D.1

Album + Compilation + DJ-mix

1995D.TranceGary D.1
1996D.Trance 3Gary D.2
1996D.Trance 4Gary D.1
1997D.Trance 5Gary D.1
1997D.Trance 6Gary D.1
1997D.Trance 7Gary D.1
1998D.Trance 8Gary D.1
1998D.Trance 9Gary D.1
1998D.Trance 10Gary D.1
1999D.Trance 11Gary D.1
1999D.Trance 12Gary D.1
1999D.Trance GoldGary D.1
1999D.Trance 1-2000Gary D.1
2000D.Trance 3-2000Gary D.2
2000D.Trance 1-2001Gary D.1
2000D.Trance 2-2000Gary D.1
2001D.Trance 2-2001Gary D.1
2001D.Trance 3-2001Gary D.1
2001D.Trance 1-2002Gary D.1
2002D.Trance 2 2002Gary D.1
2002D.Trance 3-2002Gary D.1
2003D.Trance 1-2003Gary D.1
2003D.Trance 2-2003Gary D.1
2003D.Trance 24Gary D.1
2003The Ultimate Best Of D.TranceGary D.1
2004D.Trance 25Gary D.1
2004D.Trance 26Gary D.1
2004D.Trance 28Gary D.1
2004D.Trance 27Gary D.1
2006D.Trance 33Gary D.1
2006D.Trance 34Gary D.1
2006D.Trance 36Gary D.1
2007D.Trance 37Gary D.1
2007D.Trance 39Gary D.1
2008D.Trance 41Gary D.1
2008D.Trance 43Gary D.1
2008D.Trance 44Gary D.1
2013D.Trance 60Gary D.1


1993Oh Ja BitteGary D.1
1993Vol. 1Gary D. & Martink pres. Monoliner1
1994Slammin' (Cut The Midrange)Gary D.1
1995Black ArrowsGollum & Gary D.1
1996Ice Machine HeadGary D.2
1996Kinetic PressureGary D.1
1997Take ControlGary D.1
1997Can't Do Without ItGary D.1
1997TimewarpGary D.2
1999Step ForwardGary D.1
2000Die Herdplatte 2000°Gary D.1
2001My HouzzeGary D. feat. Dr. Z2
2003D.Trance Anthem 2002Gary D.1

Single + Compilation

2006D-Techno 13Gary D.1


1991Identity E.P.Gary D1
199393Gary '138' D.1
1994Slammin' (Cut The Midrange)Gary 138 D1
1998Bang!Gary D.1
2014SunbeamGary D.1

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