Jon Balke

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member of:Masqualero (ended: synthesizer, piano)
Marilyn Mazur's Future Song (in 1989)
siblings:Erik Balke
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Changing Song
Eastern Forest
Flying Thing
Horizontal Song
Hur kan jag säga...
In Shape
Moving Carpet
Off Balance
Off Balance
Only Everybody
Please Disturb, Part I
Please Disturb, Part II
Plesae Disturb
Shaded Place
Step One
The Cut and Paste Interlude
Wooden Voices
SiwanJon Balke & Amina Alaoui
SiwanJon Balke & Amina Alaoui
1976-06-23DaydreampianoKarin Krog / Archie Shepp9:26
1976-06-23Hi FlypianoKarin Krog / Archie Shepp14:01
1976-06-23Sing Me Softly of the BluespianoKarin Krog / Archie Shepp6:21
1976-06-23Soul EyespianoKarin Krog / Archie Shepp6:38
1976-06-23SteampianoKarin Krog / Archie Shepp8:07
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05Aural ExciterpianoMasqualero5:07
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05DeletepianoMasqualero7:04
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05Den HemmeligepianoMasqualero6:11
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05Fortere NpianoMasqualero5:43
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05MasqualeropianoMasqualero5:27
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05RemembrancepianoMasqualero4:51
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05Til RadkapianoMasqualero4:50
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05Ved FossenpianoMasqualero6:01
1983-07-04 – 1983-07-05Wallen, Wallen! - Helsinki SongpianoMasqualero3:43
1985-08 – 1985-123 for 5keyboard [keyboards]Masqualero5:13
1985-08 – 1985-12Balikeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero7:28
1985-08 – 1985-12Nattkeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero6:24
1985-08 – 1985-12No Soapkeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero4:13
1985-08 – 1985-12Nylkeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero4:42
1985-08 – 1985-12Sort Ofkeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero4:10
1985-08 – 1985-12Tuttekeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero3:31
1985-08 – 1985-12Vaniljekeyboard [keyboards]Masqualero5:45
1993-06Arrivalkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra0:58
1993-06Changing Songkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra5:22
1993-06Departurekeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra0:56
1993-06Eastern Forestkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra3:46
1993-06Flying Thingkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra4:57
1993-06Horizontal Songkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra4:56
1993-06Moving Carpetkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra5:22
1993-06Shaded Placekeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra4:39
1993-06Step Onekeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra2:31
1993-06Tarafkeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra6:17
1993-06Wooden Voiceskeyboard [keyboards]Jon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra3:12
2007-09Cologne BluespianoMathias Eick8:46
2007-09DecemberpianoMathias Eick4:44
2007-09FlypianoMathias Eick4:35
2007-09OctoberpianoMathias Eick4:40
2007-09PorvoopianoMathias Eick4:13
2007-09StavangerpianoMathias Eick6:59
2007-09The DoorpianoMathias Eick7:56
2007-09WilliamsburgpianoMathias Eick7:23
2014-05At SeapianoMathias Eick4:03
2014-05DakotapianoMathias Eick4:55
2014-05FargopianoMathias Eick6:19
2014-05HempianoMathias Eick5:14
2014-05LostpianoMathias Eick5:43
2014-05MarchpianoMathias Eick5:53
2014-05MidwestpianoMathias Eick5:11
2014-05NovemberpianoMathias Eick5:02
CastellopianoJon Balke3:48
ContrivancepianoJon Balke2:45
Double LinepianoJon Balke3:09
Drape HangerpianoJon Balke3:15
Finale (intro)keyboardOslo 131:53
Finger BasspianoJon Balke3:23
GiadapianoJon Balke3:34
Grå skogeplerpiano and synthesizerOslo 135:50
Gum BouncepianoJon Balke2:00
Hvit veikeyboardOslo 135:01
HymnekeyboardOslo 132:59
In Shapepiano and synthesizerOslo 134:58
KanonkeyboardOslo 136:23
Moodspiano and synthesizerOslo 134:33
NefriitpianoJon Balke2:58
NylpianoJon Balke3:35
ObsidianpianoJon Balke3:26
Off Balancepiano and synthesizerOslo 134:28
Off BalancekeyboardOslo 132:23
Oncepiano and synthesizerOslo 136:09
Only Everybodypiano and synthesizerOslo 136:06
Please Disturbpiano and synthesizerOslo 134:34
Please Disturb, Part IkeyboardOslo 133:32
Please Disturb, Part IIkeyboardOslo 134:15
Processionpiano and synthesizerOslo 134:42
Reel SetpianoJon Balke1:25
ResiliencepianoJon Balke3:34
RomanichelpianoThe Nguyên Lê Trio5:03
ScintillapianoJon Balke0:57
Scrim StandpianoJon Balke3:17
Septima LlegadapianoJon Balke2:03
Single LinepianoJon Balke2:34
SonancepianoJon Balke4:46
SpreadpianoJon Balke4:26
Sunday ShapespianoJon Balke3:19
Tåkepiano and synthesizerOslo 132:05
TarafkeyboardOslo 1311:04
The Cut and Paste InterludekeyboardOslo 132:51
Zee BlooskeyboardOslo 137:04
SiwankeyboardJon Balke & Amina Alaoui
SiwankeyboardJon Balke & Amina Alaoui
1998EncuentroGaute Vikdal9:57
LiveOslo 13
1998-10-05EncuentroGaute Vikdal9:57
[unknown]Jon Balke & Sidsel Endresen7:01
AltiettJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen4:18
ApsisJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra2:01
AzulitoBatagraf & Jon Balke5:03
Baka #65Batagraf & Jon Balke1:54
BetongJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen3:22
BlicJon Balke5:00
ButanoJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen4:40
CalmlyBatagraf & Jon Balke4:39
Circling the SquareJon Balke5:50
Constructing StopJon Balke3:58
Disappear HereJon Balke5:30
DoublespeakJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen6:00
En VueloJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen4:05
Everyday MusicBatagraf & Jon Balke5:33
GanglionJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra6:44
GMBHBatagraf & Jon Balke0:46
HaomannaJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen6:22
Hundred-HandedBatagraf & Jon Balke4:48
In vitroJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra4:12
KaragongJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen4:02
KaryonJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra3:04
KatabolicJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra5:04
KyanosJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra3:44
MutatioJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra4:56
NanoJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra2:51
NordJon Balke4:18
One ChangeBatagraf & Jon Balke2:54
PajaroJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen3:22
PhanaiJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra6:55
PlicaJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra2:49
Pregoneras Del BosqueJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen2:22
Riddle #1Batagraf & Jon Balke3:33
Riddle #2Batagraf & Jon Balke3:31
RrakaJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen3:00
Stealing Space IJon Balke1:23
Stealing Space IIJon Balke4:48
StopJon Balke4:20
The Art of BeingJon Balke3:25
The Laws of FreedomJon Balke4:52
The Wind CalmerBatagraf & Jon Balke4:30
TonkBatagraf & Jon Balke4:59
VjupBatagraf & Jon Balke0:51
Whistle BlowerJon Balke & Sidsel Endresen5:59
WindsBatagraf & Jon Balke3:24
ZygotosJon Balke & Magnetic North Orchestra4:34
Off BalanceOslo 13