Three Dog Night (American rock band)

~ Group


members:Mike Seifrit (Bassist and singer) (ended)
Michael Allsup
Al Ciner
Jimmy Greenspoon
Jay Gruska
Gary Moon
Joe Schermie
Floyd Sneed
Danny Hutton (from 1968 to present)
Chuck Negron (from 1968 until 1985: lead vocals)
Cory Wells (from 1968 until 2015-10-20)
Dennis Belfield (from 1975 until 1976: bass)
David Morgan (lead singer of Three Dog Night beginning in 2015) (from 2015 to present: lead vocals)
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appears on video
Radio Veronica 192 / 1972-12-07: Mama Told Me Not to Come[no artist] / Three Dog Night3:16