2014Analog Pearls, Volume 1Waylon Jennings1


1964JD'sWaylon Jennings1
1966Folk-CountryWaylon Jennings2
1966Leavin’ TownWaylon Jennings1
1967Waylon Sings Ol' HarlanWaylon Jennings1
1967Love of the Common PeopleWaylon Jennings2
1967The One and OnlyWaylon Jennings1
1968Only the GreatestWaylon Jennings1
1968JewelsWaylon Jennings1
1968Hangin' OnWaylon Jennings1
1969Just to Satisfy YouWaylon Jennings1
1970WaylonWaylon Jennings1
1970Don't Think TwiceWaylon Jennings1
1970Singer of Sad SongsWaylon Jennings1
1971Cedartown, GeorgiaWaylon Jennings1
1971The Taker / TulsaWaylon Jennings3
1972Good Hearted WomanWaylon Jennings2
1972Ladies Love OutlawsWaylon Jennings2
1973Lonesome, On'ry and MeanWaylon Jennings3
1973Honky Tonk HeroesWaylon Jennings3
1974This TimeWaylon Jennings4.53
1974The Ramblin' ManWaylon Jennings3
1975Dreaming My DreamsWaylon Jennings3
1976Are You Ready for the CountryWaylon Jennings2
1976Music From Mackintosh & T.J.Waylon Jennings1
1977Ol' WaylonWaylon Jennings33
1978I've Always Been CrazyWaylon Jennings2
1978Waylon & WillieWaylon & Willie34
1979What Goes Around Comes AroundWaylon Jennings1
1980Music ManWaylon Jennings1
1981Leather and LaceWaylon Jennings & Jessi Colter1
1982Black on BlackWaylon Jennings1
1983It's Only Rock & RollWaylon Jennings1
1983Waylon and CompanyWaylon Jennings2
1984Never Could Toe The MarkWaylon Jennings1
1984Waylon's Greatest Hits Vol.2Waylon Jennings1
1985Turn The PageWaylon Jennings1
1986Sweet Mother TexasWaylon Jennings1
1986HeroesJohnny Cash & Waylon Jennings3.53
1986Will the Wolf SurviveWaylon Jennings2
1987A Man Called HossWaylon Jennings1
1987Hangin' ToughWaylon Jennings2
1988Full CircleWaylon Jennings2
1989The Early YearsWaylon Jennings1
1990The EagleWaylon Jennings2
1992Too Dumb for New York City, Too Ugly for L.A.Waylon Jennings2
1992Ol' Waylon Sings Ol' HankWaylon Jennings1
1993Cowboys, Sisters, Rascals and DirtWaylon Jennings1
1994Waymore's Blues (Part II)Waylon Jennings51
1996Right for the TimeWaylon Jennings2
1998Closing In on the FireWaylon Jennings32
2000Honky Tonk HeroesWaylon Jennings, Kris Kristofferson, Willie Nelson & Billy Joe Shaver1
2005Love SongsWaylon Jennings1
2007Never Say Die - The Final Concert FilmWaylon Jennings1
2007super hitsWaylon Jennings1
2008Live From Austin, TX '84Waylon Jennings1
2009Waylon ForeverWaylon Jennings1
2012Goin' Down Rockin' : The Last RecordingsWaylon Jennings1
2014FenixonWaylon Jennings & Shooter Jennings2
2014Waylon Jennings Greatest HitsWaylon Jennings1
2015Outlaw CountryWaylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Johnny PayCheck1
2016The Lost Nashville SessionsWaylon Jennings1

Album + Compilation

1978Rave OnWaylon Jennings1
1979Greatest HitsWaylon Jennings4
1984Waylon's Greatest Hits, Volume 2Waylon Jennings2
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 1Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol.2Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 3Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 4Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 5Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 6Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 7Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files Vol. 8Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files Vol.9Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 10Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 11Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 12Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 13Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 14Waylon Jennings1
1985The Waylon Jennings Files, Vol. 15Waylon Jennings1
1986The Best of WaylonWaylon Jennings1
1989New Classic WaylonWaylon Jennings1
1990The Taker/Tulsa / Honky Tonk HeroesWaylon Jennings1
1991Willie Waylon Kris & CashWillie, Waylon, Kris & Cash2
1993Burning MemoriesWaylon Jennings1
1993Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line: The RCA YearsWaylon Jennings1
1993White LightningWaylon Jennings1
1994Thanks to BuddyWaylon Jennings1
1995Leavin’ Town / Waylon Sings Ol’ HarlanWaylon Jennings1
1996Super HitsWaylon Jennings1
1996The Essential Waylon JenningsWaylon Jennings51
1996Waylon Jennings: Legendary Country SingerWaylon Jennings1
1997All American CountryWaylon Jennings1
1997The MastersWaylon Jennings1
1998Super Hits IIWaylon Jennings1
1999The Journey: Destiny's ChildWaylon Jennings1
1999Heartaches by the Number and Other Country FavoritesWaylon Jennings1
1999The Journey: Six Strings AwayWaylon Jennings1
2000The Gold CollectionWaylon Jennings1
200020th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Waylon JenningsWaylon Jennings1

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