original member of:The X Factor Finalists 2010 (2010)
Band Aid 30 (2014)
original members:Niall Horan (2010-07 –)
Liam Payne (2010-07 –)
Harry Styles (2010-07 –)
Louis Tomlinson (2010-07 –)
Zyan Malik (lead vocals) (2010-07 – 2015-03-25)
signed by:Syco Music (2010-12-15 –)
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DateTitleCredited AsArtistLength
video appearance
All for One, Part 1Andres Williams, One Direction4:28
All for One, Part 2Andres Williams, One Direction5:08
All for One, Part 3Andres Williams, One Direction3:50
All for One, Part 4Andres Williams, One Direction4:39
All for One, Part 5Andres Williams, One Direction5:01
All for One, Part 6Andres Williams, One Direction4:19
All for One, Part 7Andres Williams, One Direction5:43
All for One, Part 8Andres Williams, One Direction5:07
All for One, Part 9Andres Williams, One Direction4:09
All for One, Part 10Andres Williams, One Direction3:35
All for One, Part 11Andres Williams, One Direction5:24
All for One, Part 12Andres Williams, One Direction8:45
Best Song Ever1D1D6:03
Going Our Way, Part 1Dave Doerre, One Direction4:20
Going Our Way, Part 2Dave Doerre, One Direction5:34
Going Our Way, Part 3Dave Doerre, One Direction5:16
Going Our Way, Part 4Dave Doerre, One Direction4:14
Going Our Way, Part 5Dave Doerre, One Direction6:17
Going Our Way, Part 6Dave Doerre, One Direction3:49
Going Our Way, Part 7Dave Doerre, One Direction6:32
Going Our Way, Part 8Dave Doerre, One Direction3:52
Going Our Way, Part 9Dave Doerre, One Direction3:06
Little ThingsOne Direction3:37
The Next Chapter, Part 1Rachael Naylor, One Direction4:55
The Next Chapter, Part 2Rachael Naylor, One Direction5:57
The Next Chapter, Part 3Rachael Naylor, One Direction6:37
The Next Chapter, Part 4Rachael Naylor, One Direction6:33
The Next Chapter, Part 5Rachael Naylor, One Direction6:52
The Next Chapter, Part 6Rachael Naylor, One Direction5:33
The Next Chapter, Part 7Rachael Naylor, One Direction7:28
The Next Chapter, Part 8Rachael Naylor, One Direction5:30
The Next Chapter, Part 9Rachael Naylor, One Direction5:31
The Next Chapter, Part 10Rachael Naylor, One Direction2:27
The Next Chapter, Part 11Rachael Naylor, One Direction1:54
The Only Way Is UpOne Direction, Sinitta, Kevin Joy1:03:51
What Makes You Beautiful (video mix)One Direction3:28
God Only KnowsBrian Wilson & Various Artists2:27