The Crown

~ Group


members: Tomas Lindberg (metal vocalist) (2001 – 2002)
Jonas Stålhammar (2009 – 2011)
Robin Sörqvist (electric guitar) (2013 –)
minor collaborators: Mika Luttinen
original members: Marcus Sunesson (electric guitar) (1993 – 2013)
Johan Lindstrand (lead vocals) (1997 –)
Magnus Olsfelt (electric bass guitar) (1997 –)
Marko Tervonen (electric guitar) (1997 –)
Janne Saarenpää (drumset) (1997 – 2014)
original members (as Crown of Thorns): Robert Österberg (– 1993)
supporting drumset by: Henrik Axelsson
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Date Title Artist
Possessed 13 The Crown
Deathrace King The Crown
Deathrace King The Crown
Possessed 13 The Crown