Dusty Zahrt

~ Person


Album + Remix

2013CastlevaniaDusty Zahrt1
2014Castlevania II: Simon's QuestDusty Zahrt1
2015MetroidDusty Zahrt1
2015The Legend of ZeldaDusty Zahrt1
2015Double DragonDusty Zahrt1
2016ContraDusty Zahrt1
2016Ninja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of ChaosDusty Zahrt1
2016Rad RacerDusty Zahrt1
2016Mega Man 2Dusty Zahrt1
2016BatmanDusty Zahrt1
2016Friday the 13thDusty Zahrt1
2016DuckTalesDusty Zahrt1
2017Metal GearDusty Zahrt1
2017Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkDusty Zahrt1
2018A Nightmare on Elm StreetDusty Zahrt1
2020Super Mario LandDusty Zahrt1

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