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The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet (bass)
Archie Shepp Quartet
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1975-07-18Along Came BettybassArchie Shepp12:58
1975-07-18Bluse For Donald DuckbassArchie Shepp15:46
1975-07-18StreambassArchie Shepp8:27
1976-05-1452nd Street ThemebassArchie Shepp0:52
1976-05-14A Message From TranebassArchie Shepp18:58
1976-05-14Ah-Leu-ChabassArchie Shepp8:14
1976-05-14InvitaionbassArchie Shepp14:29
1976-05-14SolitudebassArchie Shepp11:47
1976-05-14SteambassArchie Shepp9:19
1976-06-23SteambassKarin Krog / Archie Shepp8:07
1977-10-12Hooray for MalbassArchie Shepp?:??
1977-10-12I Didn't Know About YoubassArchie Shepp?:??
1977-10-12Sophisticated LadybassArchie Shepp?:??
1977-10-12Things Have Got to ChangebassArchie Shepp?:??
1977-10-19Cool And CaressingbassArchie Shepp & Joe Lee Wilson4:14
1977-10-19Nice And Easy (Such A Lovely Lady)bassArchie Shepp & Joe Lee Wilson6:47
1977-10-19Saint Louis BluesbassArchie Shepp & Joe Lee Wilson5:24
1977-10-19Soft As RainbassArchie Shepp & Joe Lee Wilson9:28
1977-10-19Touch You, Feel YoubassArchie Shepp & Joe Lee Wilson6:17
1977-10-19What Would It Be Without YoubassArchie Shepp & Joe Lee Wilson10:22
1978-05-06A Case of Plus 4’sdouble bassMal Waldron14:59
1978-05-06Minoatdouble bassMal Waldron8:08
1978-05-06Sieg Hailedouble bassMal Waldron19:11
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Autumn Songdouble bass [bass]George Adams & Don Pullen8:57
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Don't Lose Controldouble bass [bass]George Adams & Don Pullen5:33
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Double Arc Jakedouble bass [bass]George Adams & Don Pullen15:47
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Places and Facesdouble bass [bass]George Adams & Don Pullen3:30
1979-11-02 – 1979-11-03Remember?double bass [bass]George Adams & Don Pullen5:00
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Dionysusdouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:35
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Earth Beamsdouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:54
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Magnetic Love Fielddouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet4:33
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05More Flowersdouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet5:34
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Saturday Nite in the Cosmosdouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet6:35
1980-08-03 – 1980-08-05Sophisticated Alicedouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet7:22
1980-08-18Duke Ellington's Sound of LovebassDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band9:06
1980-08-18Fables of FaubusbassDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band13:13
1980-08-18Goodbye Porkpie HatbassDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band4:13
1980-08-18Noddin’ Your Head BluesbassDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band3:54
1980-08-18Nostalgia in Times SquarebassDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band5:45
1980-08-18WeebassDannie Richmond and The Last Mingus Band5:01
1983-08-19Big Alicedouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet17:44
1983-08-19City Gatesdouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet17:40
1983-08-19Saturday Night in the Cosmosdouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet11:25
1983-08-19The Great Escapedouble bass [bass]George Adams/Don Pullen Quartet11:15
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Flame GamesbassGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield11:28
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Forever LoversbassGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield10:50
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05I.J.bassGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield8:03
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Song EverlastingbassGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield11:23
1985-04-04 – 1985-04-05Well, I Guess We'll Never KnowbassGeorge Adams, Cameron Brown, Don Pullen, Dannie Richmond, John Scofield8:23
1986-04-30A Time for Sobrietydouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet9:45
1986-04-30Just Foolin' Arounddouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet6:20
1986-04-30Mr. Smoothiedouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet6:09
1986-04-30Song From the Old Countrydouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet8:15
1986-04-30The Necessary Blues (Or Thank You Very Much, Mr. Monk)double bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet13:35
1986-04-30We've Been Here All the Timedouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet9:10
1987-04-211529 Gunn Streetdouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet6:14
1987-04-21Another Reason to Celebratedouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet8:45
1987-04-21Serenade for Sariahdouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet7:35
1987-04-21Sing Me a Song Everlastingdouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet10:32
1987-04-21Sun Watchersdouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet5:44
1987-04-21Warm Updouble bass [bass]The Don Pullen-George Adams Quartet9:51
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30Everything Happens to MebassDewey Redman10:28
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30For MobassDewey Redman13:26
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30ImaginationbassDewey Redman8:15
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30Le ClitbassDewey Redman9:09
1992-07-29 – 1992-07-30O'BessobassDewey Redman14:09
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16Alexander the GreatbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby11:53
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16Broad Way BluesbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby8:08
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16Geo J LobassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby6:15
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16IdrisbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby11:31
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16Monk's MoodbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby4:51
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16SerenebassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby7:26
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16SilenosbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby5:39
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16The Wild EastbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby6:36
1998-12-15 – 1998-12-16Truth Be ToldbassJoe Lovano & Greg Osby5:37
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15AishabassJoe Lovano3:57
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15Blue MistbassJoe Lovano4:26
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15BougainvilleabassJoe Lovano8:01
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15Flights of FancybassJoe Lovano6:23
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15Flights of Fancy (reprise)bassJoe Lovano1:26
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15Hot ShotbassJoe Lovano4:42
2000-06-14 – 2000-06-15On Giant StepsbassJoe Lovano5:47
2011-02BoplicitybassRonnie Cuber5:11
2011-02CherylbassRonnie Cuber6:58
2011-02Groovin' HighbassRonnie Cuber6:04
2011-02My Little Suede ShowbassRonnie Cuber6:39
2011-02Night In TunesiabassRonnie Cuber8:50
2011-02Now's The TimebassRonnie Cuber7:20
2011-02Out Of NowherebassRonnie Cuber6:45
2011-02OW!bassRonnie Cuber8:52
2011-02QuasimodobassRonnie Cuber5:38
Baby SuitebassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell9:29
Because We're KidsbassSheila Jordan4:53
Better Than AnythingbassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown4:22
By MyselfbassSheila Jordan1:51
CeciliebassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell7:32
ConfirmationbassSheila Jordan8:59
Cosmic-ShipbassSonny Simmons Trio15:29
Dat TherebassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown3:34
God Bless The ChildbassSheila Jordan5:28
Good Morning HeartachebassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown6:10
Goodbye Pork Pie HatbassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown2:04
HaikubassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell7:03
HipnosisbassArchie Shepp26:10
Hot HousebassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell5:27
I Got Rhythm / Listen to Monk (Rhythmning)bassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown5:19
I Know 'Bout the LifebassArchie Shepp5:20
I've Grown Accustomed to the Bass (With a Nod to Lerner & Loewe)bassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown2:24
Inch WormbassSheila Jordan6:06
Introductory Remarks by Sheila JordanbassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown0:37
Is That So?bassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell4:40
JerichobassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell8:26
Lookin' for Someone to LovebassArchie Shepp9:34
Modal DancerbassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell8:27
Mourning SongbassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown5:00
My Favorite ThingsbassSheila Jordan6:16
New Groove ModebassSonny Simmons Trio6:03
Pearlie's SwinebassSheila Jordan5:45
Raison d'êtrebassNiels Vincentz, Cameron Brown, Billy Hart, Tom Harrell7:02
Rev. ChurchbassSonny Simmons Trio13:32
Sheila's BluesbassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown7:28
Song for Mozambique / Poem: A Sea of FacesbassArchie Shepp8:12
The Bird / Tribute (Quasimodo) / Embraceable You (Attacca)bassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown9:41
The Very Thought of YoubassSheila Jordan & Cameron Brown6:43
Why Was I BornbassSheila Jordan3:17
Like the Weatherguest and trumpetCharlie DeChant