Marillion (British progressive rock)

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EventTypeRoleLocationDate TimeRating
Marillion at Philipshalle (1989-10-11)Concertmain performer 1989-10-11
Marillion at Philipshalle (1991-10-06)Concertmain performer 1991-10-06
Marillion at E-Werk Köln (1992-09-02)Concertmain performer 1992-09-02
Marillion at Fanclub Convention in Cologne (1994-02-09)Convention/Expomain performer 1994-02-09
Marillion at Biskuithalle (1994-03-17)Concertmain performer 1994-03-17 19:00
Marillion at Capitol (1994-03-19)Concertmain performer 1994-03-19
Marillion at Hugenottenhalle (1994-04-05)Concertmain performer 1994-04-05
Marillion at Stadthalle Fürth (1994-04-06)Concertmain performer 1994-04-06
Marillion at Tanzbrunnen (1994-06-12)Concertmain performer 1994-06-12
Marillion at Den Atelier (1997-10-06)Concertmain performer 1997-10-06
Marillion at Ateneo Popular 9 Barris (1998-01-10)Concertmain performer 1998-01-10
The Web Germany - 1. Fanclub Convention (1998-09-12)Convention/Expomain performer 1998-09-12 16:00
Marillion at E-Werk, Cologne (2001-05-24)Concertmain performer 2001-05-24
Marillion at E-Werk, Cologne (2004-05-23)Concertmain performer 2004-05-23
Night of the Prog Festival V, Day 2 (2010-09-04)Festivalmain performer 2010-09-04
Night of the Prog Festival IX, Day 2 (2014-07-19)Festivalmain performer 2014-07-19
Marillion at Le Splendid (2014-12-13)Concertmain performer 2014-12-13
Marillion at Palladium (2014-12-17)Concertmain performer 2014-12-17
Ramblin' Man Fair 2015, Day 2, Prog Stage (2015-07-26)Festivalmain performer 2015-07-26
Stone Free Festival 2016, Day 2: O₂ Arena (2016-06-19)Festivalmain performer 2016-06-19 16:30
Night of the Prog Festival XII, Day 3 (2017-07-16)Festivalmain performer 2017-07-16