1965For Your LoveThe Yardbirds46
1965Having a Rave UpThe Yardbirds4.59
1966Yardbirds (also known as "Roger the Engineer" and "Over Under Sideways Down")The Yardbirds320
1967Little GamesThe Yardbirds312
2003BirdlandThe Yardbirds32

Album + Compilation

1967The Yardbirds’ Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds1
1970The Yardbirds: Featuring Performances by Jeff Beck, Eric Clapton, Jimmy PageThe Yardbirds1
1971Remember… The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1977Shapes of Things: A Collection of Classic Yardbirds Recordings, 1964–1966The Yardbirds1
1977FavoritesThe Yardbirds1
1977Great HitsThe Yardbirds1
1981London 1963: The First Recordings!The Yardbirds3
1984A Compleat CollectionThe Yardbirds1
1986Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds41
1986Greatest Hits, Volume One (1964–1966)The Yardbirds2
198720 Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds1
1987Classic CutsThe Yardbirds1
1987The CollectionThe Yardbirds1
1987The Best of British RockThe Yardbirds41
1989Collection GoldThe Yardbirds1
1989Studio Sessions 1964–67The Yardbirds1
1989The Yardbirds featuring Eric Clapton & Jeff BeckThe Yardbirds1
1990Eric’s BluesEric Clapton & The Yardbirds2
1990Over, Under, Sideways, DownThe Yardbirds1
1990RaritiesEric Clapton & The Yardbirds4
1991Blues, Backtracks and Shapes of ThingsThe Yardbirds1
1991The Yardbirds, Volume 1: Smokestack LightningThe Yardbirds1
1991Eric Clapton: The Yardbird PeriodThe Yardbirds1
1991Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds1
1991The Very Best of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds2
199225 Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds32
1992Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 20: Blue Eyed BluesThe Yardbirds1
1992Eric Clapton & Friends – From Yardbirds to BluesbreakersEric Clapton & The Yardbirds41
1992Eric Clapton and the YardbirdsEric Clapton and The Yardbirds1
1992The Best of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1993For Your LoveThe Yardbirds feat. Eric Clapton3
1993Heart Full of SoulThe Yardbirds1
1993Train Kept A‐Rollin’ — The Complete Giorgio Gomelsky ProductionsThe Yardbirds4
1993The Blues Collection 11: Soaring SoundsThe Yardbirds1
1993The Yardbirds, Featuring Eric ClaptonThe Yardbirds1
1994Eric Clapton With Yardbirds and Jimmy PageThe Yardbirds1
1995GoldThe Yardbirds1
1996Psycho Blues: The Best Collection of the Yardbirds 1963–1966The Yardbirds1
1996The Yardbirds With Eric ClaptonThe Yardbirds2
1996The Very Best OfThe Yardbirds1
1997Heart Full of Soul and Other HitsThe Yardbirds1
1997Where the Action Is!The Yardbirds1
1997The MastersThe Yardbirds1
1997The MastersThe Yardbirds1
1997The Very Best of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1997The Best of YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1998The Best of the YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1998The Best of the Legendary YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1999Eric Clapton: Best of the Yardbirds YearsThe Yardbirds1
1999Greatest HitsThe Yardbirds1
1999Rhythm & BluesThe Yardbirds1
1999The Very Best of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
1999The Ultimate CollectionThe Yardbirds1
2000The Very Best of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds42
2000Best of the 60'sThe Yardbirds1
2000At Their BestEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1
2000Cumular LimitThe Yardbirds41
2001London TimeThe Yardbirds1
2001Eric Clapton & The Yardbirds: The Yardbird YearsThe Yardbirds1
2001Ultimate!The Yardbirds52
2001For Your LoveThe Yardbirds1
2001Greatest HitsEric Clapton and The Yardbirds1
2001Midnite Jazz & Blues: Tribute to ElmoreThe Yardbirds1
2001The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2002The Ultimate CollectionThe Yardbirds3
2002Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2002Jeff Beck and The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2002The Yardbird YearsJeff Beck & The Yardbirds1
2003Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2004Rave Up With The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2004Shapes of Things: The Very Best OfThe Yardbirds3
2004Stroll On with The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2004The Blues Roots of Eric ClaptonThe Yardbirds / The Graham Bond Organisation1
2004The Clapton and Beck YearsThe Yardbirds1
2005For Your LoveThe Yardbirds feat. Eric Clapton2
2006Feel the GrooveThe Yardbirds1
2006Eric Clapton & The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2006The Yardbirds: The Jeff Beck YearsThe Yardbirds1
2007London 1963: The First Recordings!The Yardbirds1
2007As, Bs & EPsThe Yardbirds1
2007The Best of YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2008The Early YearsEric Clapton & The Yardbirds1
2008Happenings Ten Years Time Ago 1964–1968The Yardbirds1
2008SlowhandEric Clapton and The Yardbirds1
2011The Best of The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2011Classic Yardbirds, Vol.1The Yardbirds1
2011Glimpses 1963–1968The Yardbirds1
2012For Your LoveThe Yardbirds1
2012Smokestack LightningThe Yardbirds1
2014PsychedeliaTomorrow, July, The Gods, The Idle Race & The Yardbirds1
2014The YardbirdsThe Yardbirds1
2015Shapes of ThingsThe Yardbirds1
2017Greatest Hits, Vol. 1The Yardbirds1
2017Greatest Hits, Vol. 2The Yardbirds1
2017Greatest Hits, Vol. 3The Yardbirds1

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