Exodus (American thrash metal band)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
The Ballad of Leonard and Charles 7:14
The Garden of Bleeding 5:49
The Last Act of Defiance 4:44
The Lunatic Parade 4:14
The Sun Is My Destroyer 9:32
The Toxic Waltz 4:53
The Toxic Waltz 4:53
Thorn in My Side 4:06
Thrash Under Pressure 2:39
Throwing Down 5:01
Throwing Down ?:??
Throwing Down (live) 5:00
Toxic Waltz 4:40
Toxic Waltz 4:38
Toxic Waltz (live) 5:12
Verbal Razors 4:07
War Is My Shepherd 5 4:27
War Is My Shepherd 4:42
War Is My Shepherd 4:28
War Is My Shepherd (live) 4:50
War Is My Shepherd (live, 2008-05-10: Rock Hard Festival, Amphitheater Gelsenkirchen, Germany) 2:40
Warlords 4:24
When It Rains It Pours 4:20
Whipping Queen 2:58
Within the Walls of Chaos 7:45
Wrapped in the Arms of Rage DED831400809 4:30

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