Legal name: Mylène Jeanne Gautier


Mylène Jeanne Gautier (French: [milɛn ʒan ɡotje]; born 12 September 1961), known professionally as Mylène Farmer ([milɛn faʁmœʁ]), is a French singer, songwriter, occasional actress, writer, and entrepreneur. Having sold more than 30 million records in France, she is among the most successful recording artists of all-time in that country. She holds the record for the most number one hit singles in the French charts, with twenty one to date – eight of which were consecutive.

Born in Pierrefonds, Canada to French parents, the family soon relocated to Chaville, near Paris, where Farmer pursued a career in modelling and acting. She later gained prominence as a recording artist with the release of her first single "Maman a tort" in 1986. In 1988, she released her second studio album, Ainsi soit je..., which sold 1.5 million copies in France. The album spawned Farmer's first number one on the French singles chart, "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces". The follow-up, L'Autre..., sold two million copies, becoming Farmer's best-selling album to date. Its lead single, "Désenchantée", became the most successful single of Farmer, and is often described as her signature song.

Departing from the synth-pop and Europop soundscape of her first albums, Farmer reinvented her musical style with the release of her fourth studio album, Anamorphosée, in 1995. Recorded in the United States, the album features more live instrumentation and shows rock and R&B-oriented influences. Her fifth studio album, Innamoramento, was released in 1999, featuring more techno influences. Farmer promoted the album by embarking on the Mylenium Tour, visiting four countries over 42 shows. In the second part of the 2000s, Farmer continued exploring a range of genres on her albums, namely acoustic pop music on Avant que l'ombre... and electronica on Point de suture.

In 2010, Farmer released her eighth studio album, Bleu noir. The album marked Farmer's return to the dark synth-pop and Europop production of her first albums. The lead single, "Oui mais... non", sold over 170.000 copies in France. In 2015, Farmer's tenth studio album, Interstellaires, debuted at number one in France, preceded by the lead single "Stolen Car", a duet with Sting, which reached the number one position on the French singles chart in September 2015. Her latest studio album, Désobéissance, was released in 2018, debuting at number one and selling over 265.000 copies.

In addition to her music career, Farmer also worked as a songwriter for French singer Alizée, while also being responsible for her image and public appearances. Her debut single, "Moi... Lolita", written by Farmer, reached number one in several countries in Europe, and peaked at number nine on the UK Singles Chart in February 2002. She made her film debut in 1994, starring in Giorgino, and in 2018, she starred in the English-language horror film Ghostland.

Throughout her career, Farmer has broken a number of records. She is the best-selling French singer since 1984, has a record number of diamond records, and she is the only artist to have obtained a diamond album in four consecutive decades. Selling over two million copies, her 2001 greatest hits album Les Mots is the highest-selling compilation album by a French recording artist.

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1986Cendres de luneMylène Farmer47
1988Ainsi soit je…Mylène Farmer57
1991L’Autre…Mylène Farmer55
1995AnamorphoséeMylène Farmer46
1999InnamoramentoMylène Farmer36
2005Avant que l’ombre…Mylène Farmer55
2008Point de sutureMylène Farmer4.510
2010Bleu noirMylène Farmer12
2012Monkey MeMylène Farmer4
2015InterstellairesMylène Farmer6
2018DésobéissanceMylène Farmer4

Album + Compilation

2000Music VideosMylène Farmer1
2000Music Videos 2 & 3Mylène Farmer1
2001Les MotsMylène Farmer6
2006Music Videos IVMylène Farmer1
20112001–2011Mylène Farmer5
2011Best OfMylène Farmer6
2020Histoires deMylène Farmer4
Best OfMylène Farmer1
InéditsMylène Farmer1

Album + Live

1989En concertMylène Farmer5
1997Live à BercyMylène Farmer52
2000Mylenium TourMylène Farmer5
2006Avant que l'ombre... À BercyMylène Farmer1
2009Nº5 on TourMylène Farmer5
2013Timeless 2013Mylène Farmer4
2019Live 2019Mylène Farmer4

Album + Remix

1992Dance RemixesMylène Farmer5
2003RemixeSMylène Farmer3
2003Watch Your Step - Dance Remixes 4Mylène Farmer1
2014Monkey Me: ReMYxes EditionMylène Farmer1


1984Maman a tortMylène Farmer2
1984My Mum Is WrongMylène Farmer2
1985On est tous des imbécilesMylène Farmer3
1985Plus grandirMylène Farmer1
1986LibertineMylène Farmer4
1987TristanaMylène Farmer3
1987Sans contrefaçonMylène Farmer1
1988Ainsi soit je…Mylène Farmer4
1988Pourvu qu'elles soient doucesMylène Farmer3
1989AllanMylène Farmer2
1989À quoi je sers…Mylène Farmer1
1989Sans logiqueMylène Farmer2
1991RegretsMylène Farmer & Jean‐Louis Murat5
1991Je t'aime mélancolieMylène Farmer9
1991DésenchantéeMylène Farmer5
1992Beyond My ControlMylène Farmer3
1992Que mon cœur lâcheMylène Farmer4
1993My Soul Is SlashedMylène Farmer3
1995XXLMylène Farmer4
1995L'Instant XMylène Farmer2
1995CaliforniaMylène Farmer2
1996RêverMylène Farmer2
1996Comme j'ai malMylène Farmer2
1999L'Âme-stram-gramMylène Farmer5
1999Je te rends ton amourMylène Farmer2
1999Souviens-toi du jourMylène Farmer2
2000InnamoramentoMylène Farmer3
2000Dessine-moi un moutonMylène Farmer3
2000Optimistique moiMylène Farmer4
2001L'histoire d'une fée, c'est…Mylène Farmer1
2001Les MotsMylène Farmer & Seal4
2001C'est une belle journéeMylène Farmer3
2002Pardonne-moiMylène Farmer2
2005Fuck Them AllMylène Farmer3
2005Q.IMylène Farmer2
2006Redonne-moiMylène Farmer1
2006L'amour n'est rien...Mylène Farmer2
2006Peut-être toiMylène Farmer3
2008DégénérationMylène Farmer4
2008Appelle mon numéroMylène Farmer6
2009Si j'avais au moins...Mylène Farmer3
2009C'est dans l'airMylène Farmer4.3513
2009SextonikMylène Farmer6
2010Oui mais... NonMylène Farmer49
2011Bleu noirMylène Farmer5
2011Lonely LisaMylène Farmer4
2011Du tempsMylène Farmer4
2012À l'ombreMylène Farmer5
2013Monkey MeMylène Farmer1
2013Je te dis toutMylène Farmer2
2015Stolen CarMylène Farmer and Sting4
2015InsondablesMylène Farmer1
2015Voie lactéeMylène Farmer1
2016City of LoveMylène Farmer1
2016C'est pas moiMylène Farmer1
2018Rolling StoneMylène Farmer3
2018N'oublie pasMylène Farmer et LP3
2018SentimentaleMylène Farmer3
2019Des larmesMylène Farmer3
2019DésobéissanceMylène Farmer2
2020L’âme dans l’eauMylène Farmer2

Single + Soundtrack

2019Never Tear Us ApartMylène Farmer, Michael Hutchence & INXS1

Single + Live

1990Plus grandir (live)Mylène Farmer2
1997La poupée qui fait nonMylène Farmer & Khaled3
1997Ainsi soit je (live)Mylène Farmer2
2006Avant que l'ombre... LIVEMylène Farmer2
2007Déshabillez-moiMylène Farmer1
2010Stade de FranceMylène Farmer1
2019M’effondre (live 2019)Mylène Farmer32

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