Paul Jones (singer, formerly of Manfred Mann, The Blues Band, was also in musical theatre)

~ Person


member of:Eric Clapton and the Powerhouse
Manfred Mann (English band) (lead vocals, harmonica)
original member of:The Blues Band (British blues band) (lead vocals, harmonica)
married:Fiona Hendley
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1983 – 1984Something About YouharmonicaDave Edmunds3:03
1986-02-16AnimalharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard2:53
1986-02-16Baby Please Come HomeharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard1:33
1986-02-16Beer Drinking WomanharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:20
1986-02-16Bye Bye BluesharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard2:10
1986-02-16ChristinaharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:30
1986-02-16Didn't WeharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:26
1986-02-16Feel So GoodharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:14
1986-02-16Four Hundred YearsharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard4:37
1986-02-16Health ShakingharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard2:13
1986-02-16If You See KayharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard6:41
1986-02-16Mother EarthharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard4:46
1986-02-16Rock This House TonightharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:33
1986-02-16Steppin' OutharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard2:00
1986-02-16Tribute To GaillardharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard4:56
1986-02-16What Is This World Coming To?harmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:46
1986-02-16Where Do I Go From HereharmonicaMemphis Slim with Paul Jones and Slim Gaillard3:37
1999-012K ShuffleharmonicaThe Blues Band3:31
1999-01Baby Please Don't GoharmonicaThe Blues Band4:47
1999-01Creole Love CallharmonicaThe Blues Band4:38
1999-01Got to Be the BluesharmonicaThe Blues Band4:58
1999-01Guitar SongharmonicaThe Blues Band3:59
1999-01I'm Your ManharmonicaThe Blues Band4:09
1999-01Losing You Put the Blues in MeharmonicaThe Blues Band4:32
1999-01People Get ReadyharmonicaThe Blues Band3:53
1999-01Stubborn Kind of FellowharmonicaThe Blues Band4:31
1999-01Swing Out DaveharmonicaThe Blues Band2:47
1999-01Take Me to the Red LineharmonicaThe Blues Band4:04
1999-01The Grass Is GreenerharmonicaThe Blues Band4:04
1999-01Velocity & LoveharmonicaThe Blues Band4:37
1999-01What You WantedharmonicaThe Blues Band3:59
2000-02-05Jesus on the MainlineharmonicaThe Blues Band3:25
2000-02-08Sus BluesharmonicaThe Blues Band3:48
2000-02-10AlbertaharmonicaThe Blues Band3:46
2000-02-10Crossroads BluesharmonicaThe Blues Band3:38
2000-02-10Don't Sell It, Don't Give It AwayharmonicaThe Blues Band3:14
2000-02-10I'm Your King BeeharmonicaThe Blues Band3:37
2000-02-11I'm Your ManharmonicaThe Blues Band4:07
2000-02-16Can't Be SatisfiedharmonicaThe Blues Band4:00
2000-02-25Drop Down MamaharmonicaThe Blues Band4:20
2000-02-25Lonely AvenueharmonicaThe Blues Band4:29
2000-02-25New Stockyard BluesharmonicaThe Blues Band3:19
2000-02-25Still a FoolharmonicaThe Blues Band5:04
2000-04-04Captain Spalding's RagharmonicaThe Blues Band2:08
2000-05-23Don't Let Them Grind You DownharmonicaThe Blues Band4:25
2000-05-23Georgia on My MindharmonicaThe Blues Band3:42
2000-05-23Mean Old FriscoharmonicaThe Blues Band3:49
AlbatrossharmonicaPaul Jones / Bobby Tench / Max Middleton4:41
Back Door ManharmonicaThe Blues Band4:42
Back Door ManharmonicaThe Blues Band4:24
Blues in the NightharmonicaKatie Melua4:13
Boom BoomharmonicaThe Blues Band4:26
Cabin BoyharmonicaTom Robinson3:28
Can't Be SatiesfiedharmonicaThe Blues Band3:47
City to CityharmonicaGerry Rafferty5:04
Come OnharmonicaThe Blues Band2:52
CrossroadsharmonicaEric Clapton & the Powerhouse2:19
Death LetterharmonicaThe Blues Band3:48
Fameguest and harmonicaVan Morrison5:07
Flat Foot SamharmonicaThe Blues Band5:30
Going HomeharmonicaThe Blues Band3:45
Got to Love You BabyharmonicaThe Blues Band3:31
GreenstuffharmonicaThe Blues Band3:58
Hey Hey Little GirlharmonicaThe Blues Band1:50
Hey Pretty MamaharmonicaAlexis Korner and Friends4:22
Hi-Heel SneakersharmonicaAlexis Korner and Friends9:17
I Can't Hold On Much LongerharmonicaThe Blues Band5:11
I Can’t Be SatisfiedharmonicaThe Blues Band3:23
I Wanna Be LovedharmonicaThe Blues Band2:41
Itchy FeetharmonicaThe Blues Band3:16
Let Your Bucket DownharmonicaThe Blues Band4:23
Lonely Hobo Lullabyeguest and harmonicaPercy Sledge4:44
Mad, Mad MenharmonicaKatie Melua3:21
Maggie's FarmharmonicaThe Blues Band7:16
Maggie’s FarmharmonicaThe Blues Band3:17
Nothin’ but the BluesharmonicaThe Blues Band4:07
Rock ‘n’ Roll RadioharmonicaThe Blues Band2:44
Rollin' and Tumblin'harmonicaDick Heckstall-Smith and friends5:06
Rolling LogharmonicaThe Blues Band3:44
So BadharmonicaThe Blues Band3:55
So LonelyharmonicaThe Blues Band3:53
Starlight ExpressharmonicaCarl Wayne2:41
Starlight ExpressharmonicaCarl Wayne (harmonica: Paul Jones)2:40
Stormy Monday BluesharmonicaAlexis Korner and Friends5:53
Talkin’ Woman BluesharmonicaThe Blues Band2:42
The Three FatesharmonicaMick Karn4:13
Treat Her RightharmonicaThe Blues Band5:22
Turn AroundharmonicaThe Blues Band3:46
Twenty Nine WaysharmonicaThe Blues Band3:21
Ultimatum TimeharmonicaThe Blues Band3:29
Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?harmonicaThe Blues Band3:32
AlbatrossPaul Jones / Bobby Tench / Max Middleton4:41
Rollin' and Tumblin'Dick Heckstall-Smith feat. Paul Jones & Jon Hiseman5:05
BoneGhost Club2:56
Darkest LightGhost Club3:11
La MareeGhost Club3:17
Los Hombres InvisibleGhost Club3:51
Mother LondonGhost Club3:57
Sea Shaped StoneGhost Club3:19
SubterraneanGhost Club3:48
Suicide TrainGhost Club6:09
Train Wreck in Cold SnowGhost Club3:22
1999-01Got to Be the Blueslead vocalsThe Blues Band4:58
1999-01I'm Your Manlead vocalsThe Blues Band4:09
1999-01People Get Readylead vocalsThe Blues Band3:53
1999-01Stubborn Kind of Fellowlead vocalsThe Blues Band4:31
1999-01Swing Out Davelead vocalsThe Blues Band2:47
1999-01What You Wantedlead vocalsThe Blues Band3:59
2000-02-05Jesus on the Mainlinelead vocalsThe Blues Band3:25
2000-02-11I'm Your Manlead vocalsThe Blues Band4:07
2000-02-16Can't Be Satisfiedlead vocalsThe Blues Band4:00
2000-02-25Drop Down Mamalead vocalsThe Blues Band4:20
2000-05-23Georgia on My Mindlead vocalsThe Blues Band3:42
2000-05-23Mean Old Friscolead vocalsThe Blues Band3:49
A Couple of Swellslead vocals [Don Hewes]Fiona Hendley, Paul Jones2:39
Any Dream Will DoPaul Jones2:43
Back Door ManThe Blues Band4:42
Big Blue DiamondsguestPercy Sledge3:53
Boom BoomThe Blues Band4:26
Can't Be SatiesfiedThe Blues Band3:47
Come TomorrowManfred Mann2:48
Death LetterThe Blues Band3:48
Everything’s Alright (from “Jesus Christ Superstar”)Fiona Hendley & Paul Jones4:14
Fameguest and lead vocalsVan Morrison5:07
Flat Foot SamThe Blues Band5:30
Going HomeThe Blues Band3:45
Got to Love You Babylead vocalsThe Blues Band3:31
GreenstuffThe Blues Band3:58
Gus: The Theatre CatPaul Jones5:50
Gus: The Theatre Cat (from “Cats”)Paul Jones5:49
Hey Hey Little GirlThe Blues Band1:50
I Can't Hold On Much LongerThe Blues Band5:11
I Can’t Be Satisfiedlead vocalsThe Blues Band3:23
I Wanna Be LovedThe Blues Band2:41
Itchy Feetlead vocalsThe Blues Band3:16
Let Your Bucket Downlead vocalsThe Blues Band4:23
Maggie's FarmThe Blues Band7:16
Maggie’s Farmlead vocalsThe Blues Band3:17
Mr. Mistoffelees (from “Cats”)Paul Jones3:24
Rollin' and Tumblin'lead vocalsDick Heckstall-Smith and friends5:06
Rolling LogThe Blues Band3:44
Rolling Stock (from “Starlight Express”)Paul Jones3:25
So BadThe Blues Band3:55
Talkin’ Woman Blueslead vocalsThe Blues Band2:42
There's No Living Without Your LovingManfred Mann2:37
Treat Her RightThe Blues Band5:22
Turn Aroundlead vocalsThe Blues Band3:46
Twenty Nine WaysThe Blues Band3:21
Ultimatum Timelead vocalsThe Blues Band3:29
Unexpected SongPaul Jones3:25
Unexpected SongPaul Jones3:24
Unexpected Song (from “Song and Dance”)Paul Jones3:21
What Did I Do WrongManfred Mann?:??
Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?lead vocalsThe Blues Band3:32
AsWasharmonicaManfred Mann
AsWasmaracasManfred Mann
Dreams of Reason Produce Monstersguest and harmonicaMick Karn
Instrumental AsylumharmonicaManfred Mann
Riff RaffDave Edmunds
AsWasManfred Mann
Escalator Over the HillCarla Bley & Paul Haines
Evita: An Opera Based on the Life Story of Eva Peron 1919-1952Andrew Lloyd Webber
MachinesManfred Mann
Can't Believe It
Don’t Ask Me What I Say
Down to the River
I Can’t Tell It All
I Want to Know
I’m Your Kingpin
Down to the River
I Can’t Tell It All
I Want to Know
5-4-3-2-1 (Japanese lyrics)
Hubble Bubble (Toil and Trouble)
It's Getting Late
It's Getting Late
She Needs Company
The One in the Middle
Tired of Trying, Bored With Lying, Scared of Dying
What You Gonna Do?