Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A Mother's Love Satanika with H 3:28
Acid Reign Apple Core Archives Special Edition Howard “H” Smith 1:08:03
An Onslaught of Onslaught & A Warrior of Soul Howard “H” Smith 2:20:05
Andy Sneap Talks Sabbat, Exodus, Carcass & Acid Reign Howard “H” Smith 1:53:24
Beating Fists With Volbeat and 36 Crazyfists Howard “H” Smith 1:46:39
COC and King Hitter Get Anihilated Howard “H” Smith 2:42:32
Comedy and Cabaret Special With Andrew O'Neill and the Lounge Kittens Howard “H” Smith 2:42:23
European Summer Thrash Special With Channel Zero & Artillery Howard “H” Smith 1:59:37
Every Day's a Holiday With Mordred Howard “H” Smith 1:56:10
Gene Hoglan the Atomic Clock Vs Howard H Smith the Atomic Mouth Howard “H” Smith 2:19:41
Halloween With Revocation & Senser Howard “H” Smith 2:29:38
Hanging With Chad Howard “H” Smith 1:45:09
New Years Special Podcast Howard “H” Smith 2:01:13
Playing on the Hate Team Howard “H” Smith 1:24:34
Protest the Hero, Destrage and Best of 2014 Howard “H” Smith 3:31:49
Soilwork, Fuckshovel, Three Songs, Two Hours! Howard “H” Smith 2:26:41
Talking Bollocks: Bonus Podcast: Acid Reign Special First Interview, New Line Up, New Music Howard “H” Smith 1:04:22
Talking Bollocks: Bonus Podcast: Writers Special Howard “H” Smith 3:07:21
Talking Bollocks: Episode 1: The Best of 2013, Re-Animator Reanimated, Reign Revelations and Xentrix's Bank Robbing Connections Howard “H” Smith 1:21:22
This Edition H Is Talking Bollocks With Gamma Bomb Howard “H” Smith 1:20:41
Thrash Icon Special Howard “H” Smith 1:41:03
Thrash Metal Special - Flotsam & Jetsam, Voivod and Desolator Howard “H” Smith 3:32:28
Xmas Thrash Metal Special Part 1 Howard “H” Smith 1:56:07
Xmas Thrast Metal Special Part 2 Howard “H” Smith 2:22:21
Zetro of Exodus, Joel McIver the Writer Howard “H” Smith 2:23:06

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