Tom Paxton (singer-songwriter)

~ Person

Legal name: Thomas Richard Paxton



1964Ramblin’ BoyTom Paxton3
1965Ain't That NewsTom Paxton2
1966Outward BoundTom Paxton3
1968Morning AgainTom Paxton2
1969The Things I Notice NowTom Paxton3
19706Tom Paxton2
1971How Come the SunTom Paxton2
1972Peace Will ComeTom Paxton2
1974Children's SongbookTom Paxton1
1975Something in My LifeTom Paxton2
1977New Songs From the BriarpatchTom Paxton4
1978HeroesTom Paxton2
1980The Paxton ReportTom Paxton1
1983Bulletin...Tom Paxton1
1983Even a Gray DayTom Paxton2
1985One Million Lawyers and Other DisastersTom Paxton2
1986And Loving YouTom Paxton2
1987Balloon-alloon-alloonTom Paxton1
1991It Ain't EasyTom Paxton1
1992Suzy Is a RockerTom Paxton2
1992A Child's ChristmasTom Paxton2
1994Wearing the TimeTom Paxton1
1997Goin' to the ZooTom Paxton1
1997I've Got a Yo-YoTom Paxton1
1998Fun Food SongsTom Paxton2
2001Under American SkiesTom Paxton and Anne Hills1
2002Looking for the MoonTom Paxton2
2002Your Shoes, My ShoesTom Paxton2
2003American TroubadourTom Paxton1
2004Best of FriendsTom Paxton, Anne Hills & Bob Gibson1
2008Comedians & AngelsTom Paxton1
2015Redemption RoadTom Paxton1
2017Boat in the WaterTom Paxton1
2022All NewTom Paxton, Cathy Fink & Marcy Marxer1

Album + Compilation

1988The Very Best of Tom PaxtonTom Paxton1
1999The Best of Tom Paxton: I Can't Help But Wonder Where I'm BoundTom Paxton1
2000Best of the Vanguard YearsTom Paxton1
2001Ramblin’ Boy & Ain’t That NewsTom Paxton1
2004Outward Bound & Morning AgainTom Paxton1
2010Original Album SeriesTom Paxton1

Album + Live

1970The Compleat Tom Paxton: Recorded LiveTom Paxton2
1973New Songs for Old FriendsTom Paxton2
1979Up & UpTom Paxton3
1988Politics: LiveTom Paxton1
1996Live for the RecordTom Paxton1
1998Live in ConcertTom Paxton1
2001Live From Mountain StageTom Paxton1
2006Live at McCabe's Guitar ShopTom Paxton1
2014I'm The Man That Built The BridgesTom Paxton1
2018Live In Portland Oregon - November 7, 2017Tom Paxton1


The Marvelous ToyTom Paxton1

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