Bored Nothing

~ Person



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Artificial Flower 2:01
Black Snuff Pouch and Scuffed Mood Ring (original version Recorded While I Was Writing It, Through My Laptop Speaker While I Was Watching 'Castaway' with Tom Hanks on TV, Which by the Way, Did Not Make Much of an Impression on Me) 2:26
Bliss 5:03
Build a Bridge (And Then How About You Get the Fuck Over It) 3:30
Charlie’s Creek 4:55
Come Back To 3:34
Darcy 1:57
Do What You Want, Always 3:13
Don't Get Sentimental 3:33
Dragville, TN 2:22
Echo Room 2:49
Get Out of Here 2:44
I Wish You Were Dead 4:04
Ice-Cream Dreams 2:57
Just Another Maniac 3:33
Let Down 4:13
Not 2:44
Only Old 3:15
Popcorn 3:58
Shit for Brains 3:03
Snacks 3:41
Song for Jedder 3:14
The Rough 3:19
Ultra-Lites 1:29
Ultra-Lites II 3:59
We Lied 3:08
Where Would I Begin 3:53
Why Were You Dancing With All Those Guys 3:53

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