Greatest HitsLionel HamptonCD14
BMG Entertainment09026-68496-2090266849628
Swing Guitars / StompologyQuintette du Hot Club de France / Lionel HamptonVinyl2
Victor ("His Master’s Voice" imprint)25601
Apollo Hall Concert 1954Lionel Hampton12" Vinyl9
PhilipsB 10157 L[none]
Lionel at Malibu BeachLionel Hampton12" Vinyl6
SP 377
You Better Know It!!!Lionel Hampton12" Vinyl9
impulse! (jazz label active during the 60s-70s, now property of Universal Music Group, mainly used as a reissue label.)A 78[none]
You Better Know It!!!Lionel Hampton12" Vinyl9
impulse! (jazz label active during the 60s-70s, now property of Universal Music Group, mainly used as a reissue label.)AS 78
Stop, I Don't Need No SympathyLionel Hampton12" Vinyl10
Brunswick RecordsBL 754203
TransitionBuddy Rich & Lionel HamptonVinyl6
Groove MerchantGM 3302
Live at the MuzevalLionel HamptonCD8
Timeless RecordsCDSJP1204003090012027
Lionel Hampton presents Woody HermanWoody Herman With Roland Hanna, George Mraz, Al Caiola, Richie Pratt, Candido, Lionel Hampton12" Vinyl5
Toledo, Who's Who In JazzINT 147.507
The Boogie Woogie AlbumLionel Hampton & Axel Zwingenberger12" Vinyl10
Hampton, Salvador, Clark Terry, Moustache et leurs amis jouent BrassensHampton, Salvador, Clark Terry, Moustache et leurs amis jouent Brassens12" Vinyl11
Philips812 386-1[none]
The Complete Paris Session 1953Lionel HamptonCD8
Disques Vogue (1947-1973; for more recent releases please use their newer label Vogue)VG 8513072666000295
Hampton, Salvador, Clark Terry, Moustache et leurs amis jouent BrassensHampton, Salvador, Clark Terry, Moustache et leurs amis jouent BrassensCD11
The Complete 1953 Paris SessionLionel Hampton12" Vinyl10
  • -1983
Vogue (since 1973; for earlier releases please use their former imprint Disques Vogue)
Sentimental JourneyLionel HamptonCD9
Atlantic (Warner Music imprint)7 81644-2075678164422
Flyin' HomeLionel HamptonCD5
The Tatum Group Masterpieces: Tatum • Hampton • RichArt Tatum, Lionel Hampton & Buddy RichCD7
Pablo (historical jazz label, now part of Concord)PACD-2310-720-2025218072021
Chick & Lionel Live at MidemChick & LionelCD5
  • -1988
Fortune (Swiss label mostly issuing compilations)CD 3002[none]
Lionel Hampton and his Jazz GiantsLionel Hampton, William "Cat" Anderson, Eddie Chamblee, Paul Moen, Milt Buckner, William "Billy" Mackel, Barry Smith & Frankie DunlopCD12
  • -1988
Black and Blue (70s France jazz/blues)3229265910726
At Newport '78Lionel HamptonCD5
Timeless RecordsCDSJP1424003090014229
Mostly BluesLionel Hampton(unknown)9
Musical Heritage SocietyMHS 512314K
Historical Recordings: 1937-1939Lionel HamptonCD18
  • US1990-10-10
LaserLight Digital15 714018111571425
Hamp and GetzStan Getz & Lionel HamptonCD7
  • DE1990-10-25
Verve (jazz label, aka “Verve Records”, use this for release labels)831 672-2042283167223
Small Groups, Volume 1: 1937Lionel HamptonCD23
Virgin France S.A. (not for release label use!)303543268440303540
Small Groups, Volume 2: 1938-39Lionel HamptonCD20
Virgin France S.A. (not for release label use!)303723268440303724
Flying Home (1942 - 1945)Lionel HamptonCD16
MCA Records (1967–2003; name as in imprint from 1972–1990)MCAD-42349076742234928
OutrageousLionel HamptonCD6
Glad Hamp RecordsGHCD-1022
16 Great HitsLionel HamptonCD17
  • -1990
The San Juan Music GroupCD 8015[none]
TransitionBuddy Rich & Lionel HamptonCD6
  • -1990
MCR Productions2625012027726250120
Vol.050 - Small Combos 1937-1940Lionel HamptonCD23
  • -1990
Giants of Jazz
Small Groups, Volume 3: 1939Lionel HamptonCD23
Virgin France S.A. (not for release label use!)304173268440304172
Small Groups, Volume 4: 1940Lionel HamptonCD25
Virgin France S.A. (not for release label use!)304183268440304189
Mostly BluesLionel Hampton(unknown)9
  • US1992-05-01
Lionel Hampton & Friends: Rare Recordings, Vol. 1Lionel HamptonCD10
  • XE1992-05-22
Just Jazz - Live at the Blue NoteLionel HamptonCD6
  • XE1992-11-17
Cookin' in the KitchenLionel Hampton(unknown)7
Jazz Heritage513066H717794306620
Mostly BalladsLionel Hampton(unknown)12
Lionel at Malibu BeachLionel HamptonCD6
  • -1992
Jasmine Records (UK label)JASMCD 25355013727253517
Vintage HamptonLionel Hampton(unknown)11
  • US1993-11-16
50th Anniversary Concert: Live From Carnegie HallLionel HamptonCD7
Unidisc (Canadian disco and dance music label)AGEK2-2008 CD2068381020086
The Complete Lionel Hampton, Vol. 1/2 (1937–38)Lionel Hampton2×CD17 + 17
RCA (RCA Records: simple ‘RCA’ or ‘RCA’ with lightning bolt in circle)66500-2 B078636650029
Big Bands: Lionel HamptonLionel HamptonCD21
Time-Life MusicR960-16
Verve Jazz Masters 26: Lionel Hampton With Oscar PetersonLionel HamptonCD9
  • DE1994-05-23
  • US1994-10-18
Verve (jazz label, aka “Verve Records”, use this for release labels)314 521 853-2731452185327
My ManLionel HamptonCD10
  • -1994-06-07
4 Star Records094629400792
Lionel Hampton Presents: Buddy RichLionel Hampton Presents Buddy RichCD8
  • -1994-06-15
Who's Who In JazzCD-21006010592210626
En concert avec Europe 1: Olympia 1961-1966Lionel HamptonCD12
Trema, RTE (French live releases w/ Europe 1)7104623296637104625
Basin' Street BluesLionel HamptonCD7
Jivin' the VibesLionel Hampton(unknown)12
The Quintessence: New York - Chicago - Hollywood - Los Angeles 1930-1944Lionel Hampton2×CD18 + 18
Frémeaux & AssociésFA 2113448960221122
Small CombosLionel Hampton(unknown)14
For the Love of MusicLionel HamptonCD11
Motown Records
Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz With Guest Lionel HamptonLionel HamptonCD15
  • -1996-02-26
The Jazz AllianceTJA 12029727489202922
Jazz FlamencoLionel HamptonCD10
  • -1996-10-07
RCA Victor743213640020
Hamp: The Legendary Decca Recordings of Lionel HamptonLionel Hampton2×CD15 + 21
GRP (Grusin-Rosen Productions)GRD-2-652011105065221
Lionel Hampton's Paris All StarsLionel HamptonCD10
BMG France74321511502743215115021
Jazz Greats, Volume 24: Lionel Hampton: Flying HomeLionel HamptonCD21
Marshall Cavendish Partworks Limited (Publishing company)JAZZ CD 024
Essential: Masters of JazzLionel HamptonCD20
Média 75026643300074
The All Star SessionsLionel Hampton2×CD20 + 20
Chrisly RecordsCR800074010470000178
Buddy's RockRich & HamptonCD8
  • -1998
Jazz TimeJTM81438712177032518
Just One of Those ThingsLionel HamptonCD8
  • US1999-06-08
Verve (jazz label, aka “Verve Records”, use this for release labels)547437-2731454743723
The Complete Quartets and Quintets with Oscar Peterson on VerveLionel Hampton5×CD9 + 9 + 8 + 12 + 12
  • US1999-06-22
Verve (jazz label, aka “Verve Records”, use this for release labels)3145597972
Dizzy SpellsLionel HamptonCD8
Jazz TimeJTM81168712177023219
Buddy's RockBuddy Rich feat. Lionel HamptonCD8
Hello, Dolly!Lionel HamptonCD8
Unlimited Classics Inc.HDJ3464011407113466
Jazz Essentials: The Best of Lionel HamptonLionel HamptonCD12
  • -1999
Point EntertainmentTBP1037714151859522
The Lionel Hampton StoryLionel Hampton4×CD25 + 23 + 23 + 21
  • GB2000-10-16
Proper RecordsP1145, P1146, P1147, P1148, PROPERBOX 12604988991222
Jazz in Paris: Ring Dem VibesLionel HamptonCD7
Gitanes Jazz Productions159 825-2601215982527
Jazz in Paris: Lionel Hampton and His French New Sound, Volume 1Lionel HamptonCD4
Gitanes Jazz Productions549 405-2731454940528
Jazz in Paris: Lionel Hampton and His French New Sound, Volume 2Lionel HamptonCD4
Gitanes Jazz Productions549 406-2731454940627
Crazy RhythmLionel HamptonCD15
Past Perfect Silver Line (Infringing DE reissue label run by TIM The International Music Company AG)204371-2034011222043719
Jazz Essentials: The Best of Lionel HamptonLionel HamptonCD12
Point (releases by "Man" and its members)MDT8470658926847027
Jazz in Paris: Ring Dem VibesLionel HamptonCD7
  • US2001-04-10
Verve (jazz label, aka “Verve Records”, use this for release labels)601215982527601215982527
Jazz in Paris: Mai 1956Lionel HamptonCD8
Gitanes Jazz Productions013 880-2044001388026
His Best Recordings 1929-1949Lionel Hampton(unknown)22
  • US2001-08-07
Allegro Corporation
Flying HomeLionel HamptonCD16
Dreyfus JazzFDM 36735-23460503673526
Flying HomeLionel HamptonCD11
LRC Ltd.20022
Americans Swinging in Paris (Crazy Vibes)Lionel HamptonCD12
EMI (EMI Records, since 1972)72435396492724353964924
Vibramatic! - Revisited Series, Part IVLionel Hampton(unknown)2
Stardust (from the Just Jazz Concert, Civic Auditorium, Pasadena, CA)Lionel HamptonCD4
UCCU 50384988005330611
Jukebox Hits 1940-1950Lionel HamptonCD20
Acrobat MusicACMCD 4012824046401221
Jazz Ballads 11: Lionel HamptonLionel Hampton2×CD7 + 8
  • DE2004-10-11
One O'Clock Jump (Re-release of Lionel Hampton Presents Teddy Wilson, Legends Of Music – RVJ-6039, or Philips – 9123 601)Teddy Wilson & Lionel HamptonCD8
Universe (Italian reissue label)UV 1138026575113220
Classic Jazz Archive: Lionel HamptonLionel Hampton2×CD25 + 22
  • DE2005-05-09
The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 21: Swing to Bebop, Modern JazzLionel Hampton, Charlie Shavers, Charlie Christian, Dexter Gordon4×CD23 + 22 + 23 + 16
  • DE2005-08-29
Membran Music Ltd.222777-3824011222228000
The Ultimate Jazz Archive, Set 36: Big BandGene Krupa, Charlie Barnet, Erskine Hawkins, Lionel Hampton4×CD18 + 21 + 18 + 18
  • DE2005-08-29
Membran Music Ltd.222792-3824011222228000
Flying HomeLionel HamptonCD9
  • DE2007-05-21
Jazz LegendsLionel HamptonCD7
Music Mania87935029365879323
Complete Jazztone RecordingsLionel Hampton2×CD8 + 9
Fresh Sound RecordsFSR-CD 4468427328604468
The Complete Lionel Hampton Victor Sessions 1937-1941Lionel Hampton5×CD23 + 17 + 24 + 23 + 20
Mosaic Records (US jazz reissues)MD5-238
Lionel Plays Drums, Vibes, PianoLionel HamptonCD19
  • -2007
Lone Hill JazzLHJ103128436019583128
All-Star Groups & Orchestra: Three Classic Albums PlusLionel Hampton2×CD11 + 13
Avid JazzAMSC993
Jazz in Paris: Paris Vibes (3CDs boxset)Lionel Hampton3×CD4 + 4 + 8
  • FR2010-11-08
Gitanes Jazz Productions532 906-5600753290651
The Complete 1955 SessionGene Krupa Quartet with Lionel Hampton and Teddy WilsonCD8
Essential Jazz ClassicsEJC554698436028694693
The Art Tatum, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Rich TrioArt Tatum, Lionel Hampton & Buddy RichCD13
  • GB2011-09-12
Poll Winners RecordsPWR 272738436028698622
Georges Brassens et le JazzGeorges Brassens, Lionel Hampton, Henri Salvador, Clark Terry, François "Moustache" Galépidès2×CD23 + 11
Mercury Records (or just “Mercury”. A UMG imprint, do not use it for ©/℗ credits)602527608808
Les Génies du Jazz, Volume II, №10: Lionel Hampton and his All-StarsLionel HamptonCD11Éditions AtlasJA-CD 2010[none]
The Boogie Woogie AlbumLionel Hampton Introduces Axel ZwingenbergerCD10Vagabond Records (mosty boogie-woogie and blues)VRCD 8.880084011870810084
Lionel Hampton Meets Fatty GeorgeLionel Hampton Meets Fatty George7" Vinyl3Deutscher SchallplattenclubB 038
Muskrat RambleLionel HamptonCD23Tring International PLCGRF0905020214109028
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