member of: Hamilton Pool
Fairport Convention (1967 – 1969)
original member of: Matthews’ Southern Comfort
Plainsong (British country rock/folk rock band) (1972 – 2012)
founded: Perfect Pitch (Iain Matthews' label)
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Date Title Credited As Attributes Artist Length
Book Song
Fairport Convention Ian MacDonald jew's harp Fairport Convention
Timewinds Nightnoise 3:49
Toys Not Ties Nightnoise 4:00
What We Did on Our Holidays Iain M. Matthews Fairport Convention
Close The Door Lightly Iain Matthews 3:08
Da Doo Ron Ron (When He Walked Me Home) Iain Matthews 2:14
Desert Inn Ian Matthews 3:36
Hearts Ian Matthews 3:16
Hinge I Ian Matthews 1:27
Hinge II Ian Matthews 0:28
Hope You Know Iain Matthews 3:26
House Of Unamerican Blues Activity Dream Iain Matthews 3:19
If You Saw Thro' My Eyes Ian Matthews 2:36
It Came Without Warning Ian Matthews 4:08
Little Known Ian Matthews 3:01
Midnight On The Water Iain Matthews 2:49
Morgan the Pirate Ian Matthews 6:47
Morning Song Iain Matthews 3:48
Never Again Iain Matthews 3:15
Never Ending Ian Matthews 3:01
Please Be My Friend Iain Matthews 5:35
Reno Nevada Ian Matthews 4:51
Right Before My Eyes Iain Matthews 2:16
Southern Wind Ian Matthews 3:17
The Only Dancer Iain Matthews 4:10
Tigers Will Survive Iain Matthews 4:06
You Couldn’t Lose Ian Matthews 3:41
Air for Sarah Ian Matthews Fred Simon 6:22
Percy's Song background vocals Fairport Convention 6:56
Satisfactory Paulusma 3:08
Fairport Convention Ian MacDonald lead vocals Fairport Convention
vocal arranger
Air for Sarah Ian Matthews Fred Simon 6:22
If ( Stomp )