The Kinks

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1964KinksThe Kinks2.7518
1965Kinda KinksThe Kinks3.522
1965Kinks‐SizeThe Kinks2
1965The Kink KontroversyThe Kinks3.514
1965KinkdomThe Kinks3
1966Face to FaceThe Kinks3.6517
1967Something Else by The KinksThe Kinks3.7518
1968The Kinks Are the Village Green Preservation SocietyThe Kinks4.321
1969Arthur (or The Decline and Fall of the British Empire)The Kinks4.2521
1970Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Part OneThe Kinks3.3518
1971Muswell HillbilliesThe Kinks3.6514
1972Everybody’s in Show‐BizThe Kinks311
1973The Great Lost Kinks AlbumThe Kinks2
1973Preservation Act 1The Kinks3.658
1974Preservation Act 2The Kinks38
1975Soap OperaThe Kinks8
1975Schoolboys in DisgraceThe Kinks310
1977SleepwalkerThe Kinks8
1978MisfitsThe Kinks312
1979Low BudgetThe Kinks12
1981Give the People What They WantThe Kinks9
1983State of ConfusionThe Kinks9
1984Word of MouthThe Kinks38
1986Think VisualThe Kinks6
1989UK JiveThe Kinks4
1993PhobiaThe Kinks2

Album + Compilation

1966The Kinks Greatest Hits!The Kinks1
1966Well Respected KinksThe Kinks3
1967Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1
1970Anthology of Recorded Events, Volume OneThe Kinks2
1971Golden Hour of The KinksThe Kinks1
1971Kinks Greatest HitsThe Kinks1
1972The Kink KroniklesThe Kinks4
1976Celluloid Heroes: The Kinks’ GreatestThe Kinks3
197820 Golden GreatsThe Kinks2
1980The Kinks Collection (The 1980 Hallmark Records / Pickwick LP; not the 1985 Castle Entertainment LP/CD release.)The Kinks1
1983Kwack KinksThe Kinks1
1984Greatest HitsThe Kinks2
1984A Compleat CollectionThe Kinks1
1984A Compleat Collection 20th Anniversary EditionThe Kinks1
1984Greatest HitsThe Kinks2
1986Backtrackin’, Volume OneThe Kinks1
1986Backtrackin', Volume TwoThe Kinks1
1986Come Dancing With The Kinks: The Best of The Kinks 1977–1986The Kinks8
1986Kinks Best: You Really Got MeThe Kinks1
1987The Kinks CollectionThe Kinks1
1987Hit SinglesThe Kinks35
1987The Kinks Are Well Respected MenThe Kinks2
1988Kinks-Size KinkdomThe Kinks1
1988You Really Got MeThe Kinks4
1989Greatest HitsThe Kinks1
1989Best of The Kinks 1964–65The Kinks1
1989The Ultimate Collection (1989 version)The Kinks31
198925 Years: The Ultimate CollectionThe Kinks1
1989Death of a Clown: 20 Greatest HitsThe Kinks2
1989Greatest HitsThe Kinks1
1989Recollections: 14 Classic HitsThe Kinks1
1990The EP CollectionThe Kinks2
1990Fab Forty: The Singles Collection 1964–1970The Kinks1
1990Golden Stars InternationalThe Kinks1
1990Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1
1990The Kinks StoryThe Kinks2
1991A Golden Hour of The KinksThe Kinks1
1991Lost & Found (1986–89)The Kinks1
1991Best of The Kinks 1966–67The Kinks2
1991The EP Collection, Vol. TwoThe Kinks1
1991The Complete CollectionThe Kinks1
1991Die ersten 20 Chart-HitsThe Kinks1
1991Greatest HitsThe Kinks1
1991Single Hits 1964–1970The Kinks1
1991The Very Best of The Kinks: Diamond Star CollectionThe Kinks1
1992The ★ CollectionThe Kinks1
1992The KinksThe Kinks1
1992The Kinks Collection, Volume 3The Kinks1
1992The Kinks Collection, Volume 1The Kinks1
1992The Kinks Collection, Volume 2The Kinks1
1992The Kinks Story, Volume 1 • 1964–1966The Kinks1
1993The Definitive CollectionThe Kinks1
1993The Best and Kollektable KinksThe Kinks1
1993All the Hits ... and MoreThe Kinks1
1993Gold: Greatest HitsThe Kinks1
1993Greatest HitsThe Kinks1
1993The Early YearsThe Kinks1
1993The Complete Singles Collection 1964–1970The Kinks1
1994A Portrait of The KinksThe Kinks1
1994You Really Got Me: The Very Best of The KinksThe Kinks1
199420 Rock Shots: 1964–1967The Kinks1
1995The Kinks RemasteredThe Kinks1
1995LolaThe Kinks1
1995The Story of The KinksThe Kinks1
1995Tired of Waiting for YouThe Kinks1
1996Kinks (You Really Got Me) / Kinda KinksThe Kinks1
1996The KinksThe Kinks1
1997The Very Best OfThe Kinks1
1997Greatest Hits, Volume OneThe Kinks1
1997Greatest Hits, Volume TwoThe Kinks1
1997The Singles CollectionKinks4
1999You Really Got Me: The Best of The KinksThe Kinks42
2001It’s The KinksThe Kinks1
2002The KinksThe Kinks1

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