Mr. G (UK tech house producer Colin McBean)

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legal name: Colin McBean
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Date Title Attributes Artist Length
E.C.G.'ed Mr. G
Get It Got It Good EP Mr. G
Give 'N' Take EP G Flame & Mr. G
Da Sound
G's Strings
Phoenix Theme
Tell Him
Happy Violentine (Mr. G remix) additional Miss Kittin 8:24
Phoenix Theme (G's dub) G Flame & Mr. G 5:37
Push (G's Nasty dub) G Flame & Mr. G 5:46
E.C.G.'ed Mr. G
Get It Got It Good EP Mr. G
Anybody's Guess (Mr G's Out dub) Tin Tin Out 7:08
Anybody’s Guess (Mr. G’s Out dub) (part of “Headliners:01: Live at the Gallery” DJ‐mix) Tin Tin Out 3:00
Bushroot (Mr. G's Gone Deep dub) Lottie ?:??
Definition of Love (G-Flame & Mr.G remix) Destination 5:56
Everybody I Got Him (Mr G's That Sound dub mix) Mendo 4:10
Happy Violentine (Mr. G remix) (part of “Live at Sónar” DJ‐mix by Miss Kittin) Miss Kittin 6:05
Happy Violentine (Mr. G remix) Miss Kittin 8:24
High Spirits (Mr G's Spiritual mix) Trevor Rockcliffe ?:??
Locked in Locked On (Mr. G mix) (part of a “Deeper Shades of Euphoria” DJ‐mix) Hairy Butter 0:43
Over the Hill (Mr. G’s Hi-NRG dub) (part of “Headliners:03: Fergie” DJ-mix) Tim Taylor vs. Thor 54 6:53
Phoenix Theme (G's dub) G Flame & Mr. G 5:37
Spaced Invader (Mr G's Invade Yo' Mind mix) Hatiras feat. Slarta John ?:??
Superfreak (Freak) (Mr. G remix) Wink 5:18
The Struggle of My People (Mr. G's There's Hope mix) Mike Grant ?:??
Told (G's dub) G Flame & Mr. G 3:51
Ready for Action