Mr. G (UK tech house producer Colin McBean)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
My Father's Farda (G's Soundboyz dub) Mr. G 6:49
My Fathers Farda (Mr. G's Soundboyz dub) Mr. G 8:10
My Thursdayz Mr. G 6:14
New Dayz Mr. G ?:??
New Life (E>S>P) Mr. G 7:28
Old Crook Mr. G 3:12
One Man Aginst the World Mr. G 3:27
One Year Later Mr. G 6:52
Pause 4 Thought "With You" Mr. G feat. Garfield King 8:39
Pepsi Mr. G ?:??
Pepsi Mr. G 6:27
Pepsi! Mr. G ?:??
Platonic Solid No. 5 Mr. G 8:24
Platonic Solids Mr. G 8:23
Potent Mr. G 9:00
Precious Cargo (vocal mix) Mr. G feat. blondewearingblack 7:52
Precious Cargo (Vocal Mix) Mr. G Feat. blondewearingblack ?:??
Pumped Up Mr. G 6:30
Ready for Action Mr. G 1:43
Red Cherry Mr. G 4:18
Remember This! Mr. G 7:52
Seapuss Mr. G 5:39
Select One (Mr. G remix) The Mingers & Mr. G 5:14
Shelter (Unreleased version) Mr. G 7:56
Sometimes I Cry (Radio Slave's Panorama Garage remix) Mr. G 9:22
Sometimes I Cry (Radio Slave’s Panama Garage remix) Mr. G 6:15
Song for My Cantor Mr. G 9:40
Song for My Cantor Mr. G 9:41
Space-Bassed Mr. G 6:19
Stepfather Mr. G 2:41
Stolen Moments Mr. G 8:38
Stolen Moments Mr G ?:??
Sub Level 3 (G’s Freak Zone) Mr. G 4:43
Sunday Blues Mr. G 3:06
Sunday Blues (Kasper remix) Mr. G ?:??
Sweet Honesty Mr. G 3:54
Take-A-Toke Mr. G 5:02
That Day Mr. G 5:56
That Day Mr. G ?:??
The Day After B Mr. G 7:52
The Lab Mr. G 1:51
The Sound (Flames dub) Mr. G 3:35
Thrust Mr. G 5:43
Today Is Our Tomorrow (cold rush edit) Mr. G feat. CVB 3:35
Toi Toi Mr G ?:??
Tony's Taxi (Lindi LOL) Mr G ?:??
Transient Mr. G 4:20
Tune In Mr. G 8:40
U Askin'? Mr. G 7:53
U Askin'? (Marcel Dettmann remix) Mr. G 8:34
U Askin'? (Marcel Dettmann remix) Mr. G 7:40
U Askin'? (original) Mr. G 8:00
Up Against the Wall Mr. G ?:??
Well Do Ya? (G Beatz) Mr. G ?:??
What, Eh, Pardon?! Mr. G ?:??
What? Eh? Pardon? Mr. G 2:21
Why Don't You Mr. G 3:30
Womb Mr. G ?:??
Wot, Eh, Pardon? Mr. G ?:??
You Bean Hit Mr. G 3:00
You've Been Hit (DJ Freddy DJ-Mix) Mr. G 4:12

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