Mr. G (UK tech house producer Colin McBean)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
1 and 12 Mr. G 3:07
2000 and When Mr. G 9:53
Absurd Beatz No. 4 Mr. G 8:15
All U Need Mr. G ?:??
Angels (Ascending) Mr. G ?:??
Baby Duppy Mr. G 3:41
Bad Man Tonic Mr. G 3:42
Be Free Mr. G 5:23
Became Round Mr. G 2:30
Ben & Gerd (Killin It M Day) Mr. G DECY51301014 6:23
Ben & Gerd (Killin It M Day) (part of a “ANTS presents The Mix 2014” DJ-mix) Mr. G 3:33
Ben & Gerd (Killin’ It M Day) Mr. G 6:23
Bill's January Blues Mr. G 8:02
Blessed Mr. G 7:41
Body and Soul Mr. G 1:37
Bounce Yuh Girl Mr. G 3:11
Calm Mr. G ?:??
Clearing Space Mr. G 7:31
Da Sound Mr. G 5:55
Da Sound Mr. G 3:24
Da Sound (Flames Rub) Mr. G 5:19
Da Sound (G's Disco Tech dub) Mr. G 4:09
Dad? (Kay Valley Dub) Mr. G ?:??
Daily Prayer Mr. G 7:09
Dance Floor Mr. G 5:20
Dark Heart..... Mr. G ?:??
Dark Thoughts? (The Afterworld) Mr. G 6:48
Dark Town Orchestra Mr. G 7:44
Did You Know Mr. G 8:21
Did You Know? Mr. G ?:??
Dig It Up Mr. G 2:53
E.C.G.'ed Mr. G 5:41
E.C.G.'Ed Mr. G 7:10
E.C.G.'ed (original) Mr. G GBLTF0600007 7:10
E.C.G.'ed (Rekid remix) Mr. G 8:49
E.C.G.'ed (REKID remix) Mr. G GBLTF0600008 8:52
E.C.G.'Ed (Rekid remix) Mr. G 8:51
Eenie Meenie Mina Mo Mr. G 3:23
Energy Mr. G 4:17
Entrance Mr. G 4:58
Everybody (Watcherz remix) Mr. G & Critical Strikez 4:35
Exit? Mr. G 4:45
Eye Poke Mr. G 5:33
Faith! Mr. G ?:??
Firewater Mr. G 8:22
Fixated Mr. G 3:07
Flight Mr. G ?:??
Frica Mr. G ?:??
G Beatz Pt25 Mr. G ?:??
G s Strings Mr. G 6:33
G Strings Mr. G 5:19
G Strings Mr. G 5:06
G's Beatz, Part 7 (Mr. G remix) Mr. G 3:11
G's Listening Dub Mr. G ?:??
G's Riddem Mr. G 6:39
G's Strings Mr. G 4:54
G's Strings Mr. G ?:??
G's Strings Mr. G 8:11
G's Strings (part of “Now & Wow #4” DJ-mix) Mr. G 4:13
G’s Strings Mr. G 4:48
G’s Strings Mr G 6:15
G’s Strings Mr. G ?:??
Get It Got It Good (Smokin' Jo DJ-mix) Mr. G 5:10
Get On Down Mr. G 8:48
Girls Dem Sexy (Furnace Riddim) Mr. G 3:02
Give 'n' Take G Flame & Mr. G ?:??
Gladesmen Mr. G ?:??
Gladesmen Mr. G 6:42
Going Home Mr. G 10:11
Going Home Mr. G 10:12
Good Love DJ Stella & Mr. G ?:??
Got That Swing Mr. G ?:??
Got That Swing Mr G. ?:??
Got That Swing (part of "Carl Cox at Space - The Revolution Recruits" DJ mix) Mr. G 4:44
Haze Mr. G ?:??
Hear Me Out Mr. G ?:??
Hear Me Out Mr. G 7:16
Hear Me Out Mr. G 7:16
Henpecked (part of "The True Sound of... Ibiza Nights" DJ-mix) Mr. G 4:09
High Spirits Mr. G 4:02
Hip Flexer Mr. G ?:??
Hip Flexer (part of a “Fabric 82: Art Department” DJ-mix) Mr G 2:29
Hold Up Mr. G 2:40
How You Doing, Eh? Mr. G 7:24
I'm Dirty Mr. G 7:49
Inhibition Mr. G 4:25
Interlude @? Mr. G 3:58
Interlude 2 Mr. G ?:??
Issues Mr. G 3:44
JB's Mr. G ?:??
Jet Black Mr. G 7:41
Late Night EP Mr. G 4:36
Latin Bass (original mix) Tall Paul & Mr. G 6:20
Let Down Mr G ?:??
Lex (Flipflopping) (part of “Cocoon Heroes” DJ-mix) Mr. G 7:58
Life Mr. G ?:??
Lifes Riddimz (The Conversation) Mr. G ?:??
Light ’n’ Shade Mr. G 7:41
Lights (G' Out Dub) Mr. G GBLTF1300025 ?:??
Lights (G's Out dub) Mr. G 6:06

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