Death Spares Not the Tiger (mathcore/grindcore)

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
"Am I a Doctor" You Ask? Well Why Do You Think Everyone Calls Me Doc, Because People Are Always Pulling Their Ships Into Me? 1:40
And the Critic Wrote: At the Conclusion of This Young Writers Overly Dark Comedy Nothing Is Resolved Leaving Much Room for a Sequel 4:40
I Have Always Wanted to Kick Down a Door Until I Realized Nothing Good Would Come Out of It 1:23
Makin' Love Under the Noon Day Sun: A Lesson in Cardiology 4:54
My Demise, Oh My Demise. Falling Rain on Rooftops Will Be Their Firing Squad's Drum Roll, for When Humanity Finally Begins to Consume Itself It Will Begin in California 2:35

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