Riddle of Meander (Greek black metal band)

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Blood Upon the Monolith 5:21
Conquering Night Wind 6:09
Cursed Are the Weak 4:39
Descensus Ad Inferos 6:15
Eclipse in Witchcraft 4:26
I Am the Key and the Gate 5:30
Immortal Hate 7:01
Incruente Immolatur 5:04
Inner Alchemy of War 5:32
Maniacal Possession 6:11
Mass Murder 6:34
Maze of the Pentagram 4:24
Mystic Light of Funeral Torch 4:25
Path of Desecration 5:26
Profane Rituals in Sacrificial Blood 6:23
Raging Abyss 5:40
Salve Hecate 6:42
Spirit of Sorrow 1:18
Superior Black Flame 8:02
When the Fog Veils... 4:42

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