members: Sam "Sluggo" Phipps (clarinet, flute, percussion, sopranino saxophone, tenor saxophone, background vocals) (1973 – 1995-10-31)
Danny Elfman (lead vocals, guitar, percussion, sitar, trombone, violin) (1974 – 1995-10-31)
Steve Bartek (background vocals, accordion, guitar, percussion) (1976 – 1995-10-31)
Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez (membranophone, percussion) (1978 – 1995-10-31)
Kerry Hatch (background vocals, bass guitar, bass synthesizer, percussion) (1979 – 1984)
Richard Gibbs (background vocals, keyboard, percussion, synthesizer, trombone) (1980 – 1984)
Mike Bacich (keyboard, background vocals) (1984 – 1987)
John Avila (accordion, bass guitar, bass synthesizer, percussion, background vocals) (1984 – 1995-10-31)
Carl Graves (background vocals, keyboard, synthesizer) (1988 – 1991)
Warren Fitzgerald (guitar) (1994 – 1995)
Doug Lacy (accordion, percussion, trombone) (1994 – 1995)
Marc Mann (keyboard, sampler) (1994 – 1995)
original members: Marie-Pascale Elfman (lead vocals) (1972 – 1979)
Richard Elfman (percussion) (1972 – 1979)
Matthew Bright (bass guitar) (1972 – 1980)
Leon Schneiderman (alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, percussion, background vocals) (1972 – 1995-10-31)
Dale Turner (Oingo Boingo Trumpeteer) (background vocals, guitar, percussion, trombone, trumpet) (1972 – 1995-10-31)
original members (as Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo): Gene Cunningham
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Date Title Artist Length
Only a Lad Oingo Boingo
Squeezit the Moocher (Minnie the Moocher) Danny Elfman 4:50
Bachelor Party Oingo Boingo 3:50
Capitalism Oingo Boingo 3:40
Controller Oingo Boingo 3:24
Imposter Oingo Boingo 2:59
Little Girls Oingo Boingo 3:44
Nasty Habits Oingo Boingo 4:08
On the Outside Oingo Boingo 3:51
Only a Lad Oingo Boingo 3:58
Perfect System Oingo Boingo 3:46
Something Isn't Right Oingo Boingo 3:43
What You See Oingo Boingo 3:43
You Really Got Me Oingo Boingo 4:37
Nothing to Fear Oingo Boingo
Dead Bands Party: A Tribute to Oingo Boingo Various Artists
Drink to Bones That Turn to Dust: A Toast to Oingo Boingo Various Artists
Little Girls