Name ISRCs Rating Length
2001 Space Odyssee: Also sprach Zarathustra 3:42
Anakin defeats Sebulba 4:19
Anakin's theme 3:07
Armageddon: Main theme 3:06
Augie's great municipal band & End credits 9:33
Battlestar Galactica: Main theme 1:26
Close encounters of the third Kind: Main theme 3:06
Duel of the fates 4:14
Dune: Desert theme 5:06
E.T.: Main theme 3:36
He is the chosen one 3:53
Independence Day: The president's speech 2:45
Jar Jar's introduction & The swim to Otoh Gunga 5:07
Lost in Space: Lost in space 3:30
Lost in Space: The portal 2:51
Panaka & The queen's protectors 3:24
Passage through the planet core 4:38
Queen Amidala & The Naboo palace 4:48
Qui-Gon's noble end 3:47
Raiders of the lost Ark: The raiders march 2:27
Space Travel: Part four 0:24
Star Trek - The next Generation: Main theme 2:18
Star Trek: Main theme 2:58
Star Wars main title & The arrival at Naboo 2:57
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi 3:52
Star Wars: The empire strikes back 2:42
Superman: Theme from Superman 4:56
The arrival at Tatooine & The flag parade 4:00
The droid invasion & The appaerance of Darth Maul 5:13
The high council meeting & Qui-Gon's funeral 3:07
The Sith spaceship & The droid battle 2:38
The trip to the Naboo temple & The audience with Boss Nass 4:07
War of the Worlds: Eve of the war 3:59
Watto's deal & Kids at play 4:57

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