voice of:Daisy Duck (Disney character) (from 1999 to present)
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“A Star Is Torn” MedleyThe Simpsons4:31
“Yokel Chords” MedleyThe Simpsons3:55
Animaniacs - End Titlelead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs2:01
Animaniacs - Opening Titlelead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:09
Baby Stink BreathThe Simpsons0:31
Be Careful What You Eatlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:24
can i talk to u?spoken vocals_frad | 프래드1:59
Grapefruit Diet“Weird Al” Yankovic3:30
I Am the Very Model of a Cartoon Individuallead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:12
I’m Cutelead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs2:01
I’m Madlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs4:02
Jerry Springer“Weird Al” Yankovic2:47
just a dreamspoken vocalschoisies2:54
Let the Anvils Ringlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:37
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Themeother vocalsThey Might be Giants1:00
Ode to BransonThe Simpsons2:01
Pretty Fly for a Rabbi“Weird Al” Yankovic3:03
Rickyspoken vocals [voice of Lucy]“Weird Al” Yankovic2:37
Schnitzelbanklead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs2:48
Song of the Wild BeastsThe Simpsons0:52
Tastes Like LibertyThe Simpsons1:14
The Etiquette Songlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs0:55
The Planetslead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs0:43
The Senseslead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:49
Video Revuelead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:45
Wakko’s Americalead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:55
We Are the JockeysThe Simpsons1:37
What Are We?lead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:47
What Do I Think of the Pie?The Simpsons0:39
Yakko’s Universelead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:59
Yakko’s Worldlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:48
Yes, Brothers Warner Welead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs1:07
Your Horoscope for Today“Weird Al” Yankovic3:59
Mickey Mouse ClubhouseVarious Artists
Variety Packlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs
Variety Packlead vocals [Hello Nurse]Animaniacs
Yakko's Worldlead vocals [Dot]Animaniacs