LARPer (Vito James' 47th alias)

~ Person

Legal name: Vito James Genovese

Also performs as: © 2001-2063 Wikipedia Fact Council (Vito James alias), ⊛ われらは平和に来る≌≟ SUNSHINE STATE SECURITY (Vito James' 20th alias), ╚═░ ・ ┌(◐ o ◐)┐ ・ ░═╝ (Vito James alias), ▬▬▬▬ ★☆★☆ C L I N T O N - I N D I C T M E N T ☆★☆★ ▬▬▬▬ (Vito James' 46th alias), 2X SMARTGIRL (Vito James' 34th alias), 5-HTP (Vito James' 26th alias), Aerobic (Vito James' 50th alias), Bowser vs. Charizard (Vito James alias), Bulbasaur Adderall (Vito James' 15th alias), Caliente Mirage (Vito James alias), Calusa Eisenhower (Vito James' 1st alias), DAVID DEAN BURKHART ADMINISTRATION OFFICES (Vito James alias), Decubellis Dreams (Vito James' 6th alias), Disney Airlines (Vito James alias), Doesn't (Vito James alias), Ed Asner, Secretary of Defense (Vito James' 3rd alias), Executive Sound Producer, F-F-Forecast! (Vito James' 62nd alias), F:\PORT_RICHEY (Vito James alias), FL XL (Vito James alias), Floridamphetamine (Vito James alias), Future Font (Vito James alias), GameFAQs Moderator (Vito James alias), Hudson Primitive (Vito James alias), it is 2028 & my sister just gave me her 1.5TB of vaporwave (Vito James' 45th alias), Links '98 (Vito James' 30th alias), Little Mac Tonight (Vito James' 31st alias), Love Ranger (Vito James' 61st alias), Luxury Simulator (Vito James' 42nd alias), NASA NASA NASA NASA NASA (Vito James alias), New Ghost Richey (Vito James' 33rd alias), Orlando Turnpike (Vito James alias), President NetscapeYahoo™ (Vito James alias), Production (Vito James' 55th alias), Publix Government Jr. (Vito James alias), Seafoam Xpresso (Vito James' 56th alias), Sega Airlines (Vito James alias), Sheriff Mario RPG (Vito James alias), SimTycoon℠ (Vito James' 18th alias), SOUTH:!:AST CO ' J~sr. (Vito James alias), Suncoast Parkway (Vito James' 16th alias), The Carsey-Werner Company (Vito James' 24th alias), The Turlington Anarchists (Vito James alias), Unaired Sitcom (Vito James alias), Viridian Jim (Vito James's 32nd alias), VITO蒸気の波を行います (Vito James' 40th alias), Zimzari (Vito James alias), こ̧̧̧こにプ̧̧̧ールがある WELCOME TO THE POOL (Vito James' 14th alias), スコッテ✞ィ畜生SCOTTY INCORPORATED (Vito James' 22nd alias), ニョロゾ BUBBLEBEAM XL (Vito James' 37th alias), 空間的論理とき ANIMAL OBSERVER (Vito James alias), 良い乗り物 through the city (Vito James' 47th pseudonym)



2018Outside SpaceLARPer1
2020Special DarkLARPer1


2016We Envision a Hyper-Spiritual Society to Form Soon After This Hyper-Materialiatic One.LARPer1

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