A+ (90s rapper Andre Levins, "Enjoy Yourself")

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
A+Z (album version) A+ feat. AZ USUR10001254 4:19
All I See A+ USUV70600308 4:03
All I See (album version) A+ USUR10001251 4:26
All I See (a cappella) A+ 4:16
All I See (instrumental) A+ 4:26
All I See (radio mix) A+ 4:08
Alpha 2 Omega (album version) A+ USUR10001259 4:17
Alpha 2 Omega (Rapapella TV mix) A+ 4:17
Alpha 2 Omega (TV mix) A+ 4:19
Bet She Don't Love You (Instant Flava remix) A+ 4:00
Bet She Don't Love You (Mellow mix) A+ 3:55
Bet She Don't Love You (radio mix) A+ feat. Joe 3:55
Bet She Don’t Love You A+ feat. Joe 3:40
Boyz 2 Men A+ & Mr. Cheeks USUR19801542 3:54
Boyz to Men A+ feat. Lost Boyz & Canibus 3:55
Don’t Make Me Wait (album version) A+ USUR19801545 3:58
Enjoy Yourself A+ 3:40
Enjoy Yourself A+ 3:39
Enjoy Yourself A+ 3:18
Enjoy Yourself A+ 3:39
Enjoy Yourself A+ 1:22
Enjoy Yourself A+ 3:39
Enjoy Yourself A+ 3:40
Enjoy Yourself A+ USUR19801539 3:41
Enjoy Yourself (1998 original version) A+ USUR19801135 3:42
Enjoy Yourself (album version) A+ USUR19801539 2 3:40
Enjoy Yourself (Part of "Flash Back" mix on "Urban Hymns 3") A+ 3:04
Enjoy Yourself (instrumental) A+ 3:41
Enjoy Yourself (radio edit) A+ USUR19801134 3:40
Gotta Have It (album version) A+ USUR19801541 4:09
Gusto (album version) A+ feat. Prodigy from Mobb Deep USUR10001252 5:11
Hard Times (album version) A+ USUR10001253 3:49
Intro (Classroom) (album version) A+ USUR19801538 1:52
It’s on You (album version) A+ feat. Chico DeBarge USUR19801547 4:32
Me & My Microphone (album version) A+ USUR10001250 3:33
Move On A+ 4:34
Move On (album version) A+ USUR10001249 4:34
My Thing (album version) A+ USUR10001256 3:43
Next Level (intro) A+ USUR10001248 4:00
Parkside Coalition (album version) A+ USUR10001257 4:23
Parkside Gardens (album version) A+ USUR19801551 5:18
Party Joint (album version) A+ USUR10001258 4:10
Price of Fame (album version) A+ USUR19801549 3:35
Shout It Out (outro) A+ USUR10001260 1:05
Staggering and Stuttering (album version) A+ feat. Psycho Drama USUR19801550 5:19
The Score (interlude) (album version) A+ USUR19801546 1:09
Understand the Game (album version) A+ feat. Erykah Badu USUR19801544 3:49
Up Top New York (album version) A+ feat. Mr. Cheeks USUR19801088
Up Top New York (instrumental) A+ USUR19801089 5:03
Up Top New York (radio edit) A+ USUR19801087 4:06
Wanna Be Rich (album version) A+ USUR10001255 4:10
Watcha Weigh Me (album version) A+ feat. MJG USUR19801543 4:12
What the Deal (album version) A+ feat. Cardan USUR19801548 3:38

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