Daniel Tompkins

~ Person


member of: In Colour (lead vocals)
Piano (UK band. Play small venues. Feature on a Punktastic compilation.)
First Signs of Frost (2008 – 2009)
TesseracT (metal band from the United Kingdom) (2009-08 – 2011-08)
Skyharbor (2012 –)
TesseracT (metal band from the United Kingdom) (2014-06 –)
original member of: White Moth Black Butterfly
Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/artist/1975017 [info]
social networking: https://www.facebook.com/danieltompkinsvocalist [info]


Date Title Attributes Artist Length
Rising Sun White Moth Black Butterfly 3:29
One Thousand Wings White Moth Black Butterfly
Guiding Lights Skyharbor
Guiding Lights Skyharbor
One TesseracT
One TesseracT
One TesseracT
Order 66
Rising Sun White Moth Black Butterfly 3:29
One Thousand Wings White Moth Black Butterfly
Rising Sun co White Moth Black Butterfly 3:29
One Thousand Wings co White Moth Black Butterfly
Guiding Lights Skyharbor
Actions Speak Louder Than Words Piano 5:03
April TesseracT 4:48
Arctic The K. Project 3:17
Atlantic First Signs of Frost 3:13
Aurora Skyharbor 4:04
Build it Higher Absent Hearts 4:42
By Virtue First Signs of Frost 4:43
Catharsis Skyharbor 7:08
Celestial Skyharbor 7:02
Certainty White Moth Black Butterfly 4:04
Concealing Fate, Part 1: Acceptance TesseracT 8:33
Concealing Fate, Part 2: Deception TesseracT 5:22
Concealing Fate, Part 3: The Impossible TesseracT 4:50
Concealing Fate, Part 4: Perfection TesseracT 2:38
Concealing Fate, Part 6: Origin TesseracT 4:44
Crosses First Signs of Frost 2:33
Day After Day Haji's Kitchen 3:58
Day Of The Collapse First Signs of Frost 3:45
Define the Lie Haji's Kitchen 4:02
Dots Skyharbor 3:34
Earth Absent Hearts 4:48
Eden TesseracT 9:08
Embrace the Rain Absent Hearts 2:25
Equinox White Moth Black Butterfly 4:17
Expert In Trickery First Signs of Frost 4:31
Faith White Moth Black Butterfly 4:12
Hollow TesseracT 4:22
Home Is Where the Heart Is Piano 3:43
King of Hearts Absent Hearts 4:05
Lament TesseracT 4:53
Legacy Piano 3:37
Lightning Tree Absent Hearts 3:06
Lost Haji's Kitchen 4:42
Maeva Skyharbor 6:44
Midnight Rivers White Moth Black Butterfly 3:30
Nascent TesseracT 4:09
Night Skyharbor 2:15
Nocturnus Haji's Kitchen 3:58
Notch Haji's Kitchen 4:29
Oceans guest Omertah 5:36
Omen White Moth Black Butterfly 4:44
Order 66 Skyharbor 3:34
Paradise White Moth Black Butterfly 5:00
Reluctance White Moth Black Butterfly 3:04
Rising Sun White Moth Black Butterfly 3:29
Rose White Moth Black Butterfly 5:08
Sing Sing Ain't My Style First Signs of Frost 2:51
Sunrise TesseracT 3:57
The Essence Between Us Absent Hearts 5:59
The Saviour First Signs of Frost 5:37
The World Won't Sleep White Moth Black Butterfly 5:36
This Is A Fraud First Signs of Frost 4:17
Through The Exterior First Signs of Frost 4:22
Ties of Grace White Moth Black Butterfly 4:06
Two Wrongs Don't Make a Right Piano 3:35
Warrior Haji's Kitchen 4:57
Waterfalls Absent Hearts 3:37
Whispers of a Sleepwalker Absent Hearts 4:48
Wire Forms First Signs of Frost 3:25
One TesseracT
One TesseracT
Midnight Rivers
The World Won't Sleep
Ties of Grace
Tired Eyes