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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Afgh:Aan Narkotic Breaks Witchman Meets Deathless 6:05
After Midnight Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 6:52
After Midnight Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 6:52
Amok Witchman 6:58
Amok II Witchman 5:27
Amok II Witchman 5:27
Angel Art (The Tale of the Orb mix) Witchman 6:17
Arcane Radio Witchman 8:09
Arcane Radio Witchman 8:09
Blind Television (Cathode Ray dub) Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 6:13
Blind TV (Cathode Ray dub) Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 14:05
Bone Music Witchman 7:40
Brickdust (Lost City mix) V-Neck vs. Witchman 6:15
Bullethead Witchman 8:18
Burnin' Headz Witchman 5:43
Chemical Noir Witchman 6:37
Chemical Noir Witchman 12:58
Dark Roots (Xtro) Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 2:19
Desert Ill Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 8:37
Destiny Witchman 9:47
Drakon's Empire (no choir, remix) Witchman 4:35
Drakon's Empire (remix) Witchman 4:35
Dust Head Witchman 7:35
Filter Voodoo Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 5:37
First Name Trouble Witchman feat. Marz 4:17
Ghost Drums at Dawn Witchman 8:04
Hammerhead Witchman 5:48
Hammerhead Witchman 5:47
Hand of God Witchman 10:01
Heavy Mental Witchman 5:55
Helios (no choir, remix) Witchman 5:20
Helios (remix) Witchman 5:20
I-Man Dub Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 6:22
Ice Is Blue Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 7:39
Kada Nostra Witchman 5:55
King o' the Hills Witchman 5:42
Leave No Trace (dub) Witchman 5:01
Light at the Edge Witchman 14:07
Light at the Edge (reprise) Witchman 7:18
Mekong Witchman 4:03
Mutha Lode Witchman 5:13
N.Y. 23 Witchman 4:08
No Place Like Chrome Witchman 5:31
Offbeat Witchman 10:28
Offworld (Fire mix) Witchman 10:44
Order of the Dragon Witchman 7:51
Palace of Angels Witchman 9:16
People's Playground (Soledad Dub) Witchman 8:32
Post Trauma Blues Witchman 5:29
Primal Skin Witchman 5:27
Red Demon Loco Witchman 10:03
Red Demon Loco Witchman 10:02
Red Demon Loco (original mix) Witchman 10:00
Stone Def Witchman 8:20
Sub-Urban, Part 1 Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 6:11
Sub-Urban, Part 2 Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 6:27
The Technique (Intro) Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 1:56
Thirst at Dawn Witchman vs. Jammin’ Unit 8:33
Tien Clan Dub Witchman 7:12
Viper Flats Witchman 7:26

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