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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Shirley Q. Intro RuPaul 0:20
Shirley Q. Liqour & Watusi Jenkins RuPaul 0:37
Shirley Q. Liquor & Watusi Jenkins (Segue) RuPaul 0:39
Sissy That Walk RuPaul 3:32
Sister Brother RuPaul Feat. Margo Thunder QMDA71516024 3:07
Snapshot RuPaul 4:22
Snapshot RuPaul USRH10900247 3:05
Snapshot RuPaul 2:49
Snapshot RuPaul 2:59
Snapshot RuPaul 5:19
Snapshot RuPaul 3:06
Snapshot RuPaul feat. Macutchi 3:27
Snatched for the Gods RuPaul USRH10900254 3:57
Step It Up RuPaul feat. Dave Audé 3:33
Stinky Dinky RuPaul 4:45
Stripping In The Living Room (Interlude) RuPaul 0:12
Strudelmodel RuPaul 2:00
Strudelmodel RuPaul 2:01
Strüdelmodel RuPaul 2:01
Super RuPaul 2.5 4:04
Super Model RuPaul 3:47
Super Model RuPaul 3:37
Superman RuPaul 3:18
Supermodel RuPaul 6:16
Supermodel RuPaul 6:16
Supermodel RuPaul 3:35
Supermodel RuPaul 3:59
Supermodel RuPaul 3:57
Supermodel RuPaul 2:40
Supermodel RuPaul 1:23
Supermodel RuPaul 5:13
Supermodel RuPaul 3:46
Supermodel RuPaul ?:??
Supermodel RuPaul 3:39
Supermodel RuPaul ?:??
Supermodel Ru Paul 3:49
Supermodel RuPaul 3:47
Supermodel RuPaul feat. Skeltal Ki 3:16
Supermodel ('Work It Mr. DJ' Tribal mix) RuPaul 4:42
Supermodel ("Work It Mr. DJ" Tribal mix) RuPaul 4:41
Supermodel (7" mix) RuPaul 4:01
Supermodel (alternative version) RuPaul 6:29
Supermodel (Couture mix) RuPaul 6:16
Supermodel (Couture mix) RuPaul 6:18
Supermodel (Couture mix) (part of “200% Dance Hits” dj-mix) RuPaul 3:44
Supermodel (Craig C. Encino edit) RuPaul 3:53
SuperModel (El Lay Toya Jam) RuPaul 3:55
Supermodel (La Wanda in Your Face) RuPaul 1:58
Supermodel (Ready to Wear mix) RuPaul 3:47
Supermodel (Ready to Wear mix) RuPaul 4:02
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:46
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 4:00
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul ?:??
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:44
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:59
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 5:14
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:48
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 4:01
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:43
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:45
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul feat. La Wanda Page 4:01
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 5:18
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 6:14
Supermodel (You Better Work) RuPaul 3:46
Supermodel (You Better Work) (7" mix) RuPaul 3:59
Supermodel (You Better Work) (Couture mix) (part of a “MTV Party to Go, Volume 4” DJ‐mix) RuPaul 5:51
Supernatural RuPaul 4:35
Superstar RuPaul US4J51100005 3:15
Superstar RuPaul feat. Adore Delano 3:29
Superstar (Hollywood Royalty remix) RuPaul 3:55
Superstar (Matt Pop Amsterdam remix) RuPaul 6:09
Sweet Pussycat of Mine RuPaul 2:47
The Beginning RuPaul US4J51100001 3:51
The Call (Interlude) RuPaul 1:37
The Lonely (Giuseppe D's Solitude mix) RuPaul 4:55
The Price of One RuPaul 3:19
The Price of One (Craig C. Ruvisited) RuPaul 6:36
The Realness RuPaul feat. Eric Kupper 3:25
Theme From "Drag Race" RuPaul US4J50910019 4:47
Thinkin' 'Bout You RuPaul 3:46
This Club Is a Haunted House Sharon Needles feat. RuPaul 4:17
This Is a Picnic (interlude) RuPaul 0:52
Thorns of a Rose (interlude) RuPaul 1:31
Throw Ya Hands Up RuPaul with Lady Bunny US4J50910020 5:48
Throw Ya Hands Up 2015 RuPaul feat. Lady Bunny & Ellis Miah 3:54
Tranny Chaser RuPaul US4J50910012 3:35
Tranny Chaser RuPaul feat. Joslyn Fox 3:56
U Wear It Well RuPaul QMDA71516015 2:58
Watcha See Is Watcha Get RuPaul 4:52
With Bells On RuPaul 3:36
Work That Body RuPaul USRH10900252 3:44
Workout (Blueroom Mix Show) RuPaul 7:11
Workout (Blueroom Radio) RuPaul 3:34
Workout (Eric Kupper Dub) RuPaul 7:51
Workout (Joe Carrano's Ragged radio) RuPaul 3:29
Workout (Junior Vasquez Ultimix) RuPaul 5:51
Workout (Junior's Club Dub) RuPaul 6:52
Workout (Junior's NYC Radio) RuPaul 3:38
Workout (Junior's Spirtit Club) RuPaul 7:48
Workout / Betta Work Skit (Blueroom radio) RuPaul 3:34

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