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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
Cover Girl (Twisted Dee's Club) RuPaul US4J50910008 7:49
Cover Girl (Twisted Dee's Edit) RuPaul US4J50910004 4:02
Cover Girl (YLXR remix) RuPaul 2:38
Crying on the Dance Floor RuPaul 3:37
Cupcake & Pepper (Interlude) RuPaul 1:46
Cupcake Meets Annaka (Interlude) RuPaul 2:08
Damn You, Annaka! RuPaul 0:55
Dance with U RuPaul 3:52
Dance With U RuPaul feat. MAX 3:58
Dance With U (René Dif remix) RuPaul 4:35
Deck The Halls (w/Todrick Hall) RuPaul 4:23
Dem Beats Todrick Hall feat. RuPaul 3:38
Destiny Is Mine RuPaul US4J50910016 3:48
Destiny Is Mine RuPaul feat. Milk 2:58
Destiny Is Mine (Matt Moss' Vidon remix) RuPaul 3:35
Devil Made Me Do It RuPaul US4J50910018 3:04
Devil Made Me Do It RuPaul feat. BenDeLaCreme 2:59
Die Tomorrow RuPaul feat. Frankmusik 3:06
Diesel Pancake Makeup (Interlude) RuPaul 0:58
Dismembership (Interlude) RuPaul 1:10
Divas Live, Part 1 RuPaul 3:22
Divas Live, Part 2 RuPaul 4:45
Do It Forever, Daddy (Interlude) RuPaul 0:50
Do the Right Thing RuPaul feat. YLXR 3:22
Do The Right Thing RuPaul 3:27
Dolores RuPaul USRH10900251 4:26
Don't Go Breaking My Heart Elton John & RuPaul USMC19341739 4:59
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Mk mix) Elton John feat. RuPaul 7:19
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Moroder 7" edit mix) Elton John & RuPaul 4:04
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Moroder 12" remix) Elton John & RuPaul 4:17
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (remix) Elton John feat. RuPaul 6:56
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Roger's dub) Elton John feat. RuPaul 7:06
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Serious Rope 7" mix) Elton John & RuPaul 3:35
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Serious Rope 12" mix) Elton John feat. RuPaul 6:36
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Serious Rope dirty dub mix) Elton John & RuPaul 6:08
Don't Go Breaking My Heart (Serious Rope instrumental version) Elton John & RuPaul 6:32
Don’t Go Breaking My Heart Elton John & RuPaul 4:02
Donner Pour Donner Elton John & RuPaul 4:26
Drag Mocks Identity (interlude) RuPaul 0:19
Drag Queen Honey RuPaul Feat. Vjuan Allure QMDA71516020 4:18
Drag Race (Original Theme) RuPaul 0:54
Drag Race Theme RuPaul feat. Miss Fame 3:07
Drag U RuPaul feat. Katya 3:06
Drag U RuPaul 2:05
Drag U (Kaneshiro & Katz Bohen Hi NRG) RuPaul 2:34
Drag U (Kaneshiro & Katz Bohen Pointy Paradise) RuPaul 3:20
Drag U Theme (Gomi High Heels & A Dream remix) RuPaul 3:44
Drag U Theme (Jared Jones Movin' On remix) RuPaul 3:45
Drag Up Your Life RuPaul 2:20
Drop RuPaul Feat. TS Madison & Ellis Miah QMDA71516019 3:00
Drop That Pimp RuPaul 3:13
Drop That Pimp RuPaul feat. Violet Chachki & Miles Davis Moody 2:40
Epilogue (Interlude) RuPaul 2:03
Ernestine's Rap RuPaul 2:36
Everybody Dance RuPaul 3:58
Everybody Dance (LP version edit) RuPaul 3:15
Everybody Dance (The Loop's Monstermix) RuPaul 7:34
Everybody Else's Money (Reprise) RuPaul 0:27
Everything RuPaul 3:54
Falling RuPaul USRH10900250 4:13
Feel Like a Woman RuPaul Feat. Vjuan Allure QMDA71516018 3:46
Feel Like Dancin' RuPaul feat. La Toya Jackson 2:45
Feel Like Dancin' (doot doot Redo) RuPaul feat. La Toya Jackson 3:18
Feel Like Dancin' (Jared Jones remix) RuPaul feat. La Toya Jackson 3:12
Feel Like Dancin' (Matt Pop remix) RuPaul feat. La Toya Jackson 3:54
Fly Tonight RuPaul feat. Frankmusik 4:08
Foxy Lady RuPaul USRH10900248 2:48
Freaky Money RuPaul feat. Big Freedia 3:03
Freaky Money RuPaul feat. Jasmine Masters 3:23
Free 2 Be RuPaul feat. Skeltal Ki & Chris Willis 3:52
Free to Be RuPaul 3:51
Free to Be RuPaul 4:17
Free to Be (extended Radio mix) RuPaul 4:03
Free to Be (Freedom Wig mix) RuPaul 6:35
Free to Be (Orangefuzzz Emancipation radio mix) RuPaul 3:35
Free to Be (radio mix) RuPaul 3:49
Free to Be (Testify Dub) RuPaul 6:10
Free Your Mind RuPaul 3:48
From Your Heart (w/Michelle Visage) RuPaul 3:12
Funky Christmas RuPaul 2:41
Funky Christmas RuPaul 2:40
Geronimo RuPaul feat. Lucian Piane 3:42
Geronimo RuPaul 3:36
Geronimo RuPaul feat. Trixie Mattel 2:58
Get Loose RuPaul 3:57
Get Your Rebel On RuPaul US4J51100008 3:57
Getaway RuPaul 3:42
Ghetto Love RuPaul 4:15
Give It One More Try RuPaul 3:17
Give It One More Try (Redtop's club vocal) RuPaul 7:13
Glamazon RuPaul US4J51100003 3:38
Glamazon RuPaul feat. Magnolia Crawford 4:02
Glamazon RuPaul 1:13
Glamazon (Gomi Tribalistic remix) RuPaul 6:47
Glamazon (Jared Jones Break It Down remix) RuPaul 3:48
Glamazon (Jared Jones Mixshow) RuPaul 5:50
Glamazon (Macutchi Up Tut Knuckle remix) RuPaul 5:36
Happy RuPaul USRH10900244 4:45
Hard Candy Christmas RuPaul 4:54
Here Comes Santa Claus RuPaul 2:57

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