Name ISRCs Rating Length
Across the Stars ?:??
Adventures on Earth ?:??
Aeris' Theme (Final Fantasy VII) 5:24
AFRIKA Symphonic Suite 9:16
Approaching Night (Spirited Away) 3:18
Astro Boy Symphonic Suite 4:37
Battle of the Heroes ?:??
Bearer of Fate [運命の呼び手] 4:45
Carrying You (Laputa) 3:36
Cave Of Mind 6:46
Children of the Worldstone 7:56
Cloud's Theme (Final Fantasy VII) 6:21
Deathnote 5:02
Decisive Souls [果断なる戦士たち] 4:48
Dilemma 1:33
Dog Fight (Porco Rosso) 2:14
Duel of the Fates ?:??
En taro Adun 4:09
Eradicate and Evolve 6:35
Eyes on Me (Final Fantasy VIII) 6:03
Ferris Wheel 5:21
Fragments of Memories (Final Fantasy VIII) 4:21
Free Bird 2:15
Gears of War 2 Symphonic Suite 11:01
Gundam SEED Destiny Medley 8:11
Harry's Wondrous World ?:??
Hedwig's Theme ?:??
Hikari 3:44
Hymn to the Fallen ?:??
I'm So Glad 1:41
In the Beach of Dreams - Another World 1:45
Is Kirite Burning Up? 4:19
Journey To The West 5:38
Journey to the West (Princess Mononoke) 3:40
Laputa / Laputa 3:52
Laputa, the Castle in the Sky Symphonic Suite 6:42
Last Angel 7:42
Last Angel 7:42
Legacy of Terror 5:28
Legend Of Ashitaka 5:25
Liberi Fatali (Final Fantasy VII) 3:17
Life's Merry-Go-Round 3:59
Mai 3:35
Maigo 3:17
Main Theme ?:??
Main Theme ?:??
Melodies of Life (Final Fantasy IX) 2:54
Moon Over the Castle 1:50
Morning in the Slag Ravine (Laputa) 0:57
Mother (Totoro) 3:49
My Neighbour Totoro Symphonic Suite 6:10
No Matter the Cost 5:44
On a Sunny Day (Kiki's Delivery Service) 2:10
On Your Mark (On Your Mark) 6:24
One-Winged Angel 4:39
Opening (Nausicaä) 2:15
Overworld (Final Fantasy X) 4:27
Pain 2:25
Prelude (Final Fantasy: Love Will Grow) 2:23
Prince of Persia 7:10
Princess Mononoke Symphonic Suite 10:15
Radical Dreamers 4:21
Radical Dreamers Symphony 5:49
Rising Sun, 1st Movement 5:56
Sadness & Sorrow 3:03
Sailing to the World 3:39
Sakura 1:32
Schindler's List Theme ?:??
Secret Garden 3:11
Shadow of the Colossus 10:34
Sincere Feelings, One Rainy Day and Haruhi's thoughts from Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya 6:35
Sophie's Tomorrow 3:09
Soulcalibur: The Resonance of Souls and Swords, Decisive Souls 5:29
Thanatos 4:50
The Boy Of The Dragon 2:16
The Boy of the Dragons (Spirited Away) 1:42
The Day of Return 4:09
The Duel 4:10
The Eternal Conflict 6:37
The Flag Parade ?:??
The Great Legend 3:04
The Hyperion Overture 5:20
The Hyperion Overture 5:20
The Imperial March ?:??
The Koprulu Symphony: En taro Adun 4:09
The Koprulu Symphony: Eradicate and Evolve 6:35
The Koprulu Symphony: No Matter the Cost 5:44
The Koprulu Symphony: Victorious but Not Unscarred 5:17
The Mon of Bird (Nausicaä) 1:58
The Oath 6:08
The River From That Day 3:59
The Sepia Coloured Photo (Porco Rosso) 0:50
The Shadow of the Legion Symphony: A Tenuous Pact 7:43
The Shadow of the Legion Symphony: Anar'alah Belore 5:16
The Shadow of the Legion Symphony: The Betrayer and The Sun King 6:53
The Sunlit Earth 1:27
The Symphony of Sanctuary: Children of the Worldstone 7:56
The Symphony of Sanctuary: Legacy of Terror 5:28
The Symphony of Sanctuary: The Eternal Conflict 6:37

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