Psychic TV

~ Group


additional members: David Tibet
members: John Balance
Dave Ball (UK electronic musician, part of Soft Cell)
Gini Ball
Matthew Best (UK acid house DJ/producer aka DJ Global)
Michael Campagna (Psychic TV)
Andy Chatterley
Philipp Erb
John Gosling (Industrial musician / electronic producer) ( – ????)
Danny Hyde (British musician, engineer, and producer)
Hugo Longden
Sean Maher
Dave Martin (of Psychic TV / Chelsea)
Drew McDowall
Richard Norris (UK producer, engineer and musician)
Richard Schiessl
Ken Thomas (British producer and engineer)
Larry Thrasher
Jordi Valls (Catalan artist)
Fred Giannelli (US electronic artist) (1987 – 1991)
original members: Genesis P-Orridge (1981 –)
Alex Fergusson (1981 – 1987)
Peter Christopherson (UK electronic musician and video director) (1982 – 1984)
supporting artists: Action Daddy (2003 –)
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Date Title Artist Length
Horror House (Sugardog remix) Psychic TV 6:46
WCFM (Silicon Modulation mix) Sheep on Drugs 5:25