Psychic TV

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1986City Ov ParisPsychic TV2


1982Force the Hand of ChancePsychic TV26
1983Dreams Less SweetPsychic TV45
1984A Pagan Day (Pages From a Notebook)Psychic TV4
1984N.Y. ScumPsychic TV1
1984Those Who Do NotPsychic TV4
1985DescendingPsychic TV1
1985Mouth of the NightPsychic TV4
1987Temporary TemplePsychic TV1
1988Allegory and SelfPsychick TV56
1988Live at Thee CircusPsychic TV1
1989KondolePsychick TV4
1990High Jack - Politics of EcstacyPsychic TV1
1990Towards Thee Infinite BeatPsychic TV5
1992Cold Dark MatterPsychic TV1
1993Peak HourPsychic TV52
1993SugarmorphosesPsychic TV51
1993Splinter Test 1Psychic TV1
1994A Hollow CostPsychic TV2
1994AL-OR-AL: Thee Transmutation Ov MercuryPsychic TV1
1994Cathedral EnginePsychic TV1
1994Electric Newspaper Issue OnePsychic TV1
1995Electric Newspaper, Issue ThreePsychic TV1
1995Electric Newspaper Issue TwoPsychic TV1
1995ThemesPsychic TV1
1996BreatheGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1
1996Trip ResetPsychic TV1
1997E-LusiveColumn One & Psychic TV1
1998Themes 2: A Prayer for Derek JarmanPsychic TV1
2007Hell Is Invisible... Heaven Is Her/ePsychic TV1
2008Mr. Alien Brain vs. The SkinwalkersPsychic TV33
2012Ov PowerPsychic TV1
2014SnakesPsychic TV2
2016AlienistPsychic TV / PTV32

Album + Compilation

1984Berlin Atonal Vol. 2Psychic TV / La Loora1
1993Splinter Test 2Psychic TV1
1994Hex Sex: The Singles Part OneGenesis P. Orridge & Psychic TV1
1995God Star: The Singles Part TwoPsychic TV1
1995Beauty From Thee Beast: Thee Best Ov Psychic TVPsychic TV2
1998Origin of the SpeciesPsychic TV1
1998Origin of the Species Volume Too! A Second Supply of Two Tablets of AcidPsychic TV1
2001Best Ov: Time's UpPsychic TV1
2002Origin of the Species, Volume III. The Final Supply of Two Tablets of AcidPsychic TV1
2004Godstar: Thee Director's CutPsychic TV1
2011Psychic TV And White Stains At Stockholm 1990/ Jarman Themes/ Live Danceteria, New York City Nov. 17, 1983/ Unreleased RaritiesPsychic TV1
2011ThemesPsychic TV1

Album + Compilation + Live

1990Thee City Ov Tokyo / Thee City Ov New YorkPsychic TV1

Album + Interview

1984InterviewPsychic TV1

Album + Live

1984A Real Swedish Live ShowPsychic TV1
1984Berlin Atonal, Volume 1Psychic TV / Z’EV1
1987Live in HeavenPsychic TV2
1987Live In ReykjavikPsychic TV1
1987Live En SuissePsychic TV1
1987Live in TorontoPsychic TV2
1988Psychedelic ViolencePsychic TV1
1989Live at Thee RitzPsychic TV2
1989Live at Thee PyramidPsychic TV1
1990At StockholmPsychick TV & White Stains2
1990Live at the Berlin Wall, Part 2Psychic TV2
1990Live at the Berlin Wall, Part 1Psychic TV1
1990Live in BregenzPsychic TV1
1991City Ov London + City Ov GlasgowPsychic TV1
1994Live in GottingenPsychic TV2
1999Were You Ever Bullied at School... Do You Want Revenge?Psychic TV1
2003Live in Thee East VillagePsychic TV1
2003Live in GlasgowPsychic TV1
2003Live In AstoriaPsychic TV1
2003Live In Thee SubterraniaPsychic TV1
2003Live In Thee Mean FiddlerPsychic TV1
2006Live in RussiaPsychic TV1
2012BatschkappPsychic TV1
2012ParamarthaPsychic TV1
2013Thee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering LightPsychic TV1

Album + Remix

1990Beyond Thee Infinite BeatPsychic TV34
1994UltradrugGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1
1995SirensGenesis P-Orridge and Psychic TV1
1996Cold Blue TorchPsychic TV1

Album + Mixtape/Street

2016Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights - Mixtape Volume 1Psychic TV / PTV31
2017Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights - Mixtape Volume 2Psychic TV / PTV31


1982Just DriftingPsychic TV1
1984UncleanPsychic TV1
1985GodstarPsychic TV and The Angels of Light1
1986Magick Defends ItselfPsychic TV1
1988Tune In (Turn On The Acid House)Psychic TV1
1990I.C. WaterPsychic TV1
1993Re-MindPsychic TV1
1994Tribal (Drum Club Remixes)Psychic TV1
2012Silver Sundown Machine vs. Alien Lighting Meat MachinePsychic TV2
2013Greyhounds of the Future / Alien Lightning Meat Machine Part IIPsychic TV Three1

Single + Remix

2023Jigsaw (WLDV edit)Psychic TV1


1984Roman P.Psychic T.V. & The Temple of Psychick Youth2
1986The Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P. - Good Vibrations + Roman P.Psychic TV1
1986The Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P.Psychic TV1
1987Listen Today...Psychic TV1
1989Love War RiotPsychic TV2
2003Flores Monstrosi E.P.Psychic TV / K.I.M.1
2010Alien Brain Vs. Maggot BrainPsychic TV1
2011Mother Sky VS Alien SkyPsychic TV2
2011Thank YouPsychic TV1
2015Alien Be-InPsychic TV1

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