Paul Jacobs (Canadian techno DJ/producer)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
[untitled] Paul Jacobs ?:??
[untitled] Paul Jacobs ?:??
Ain't No Stopping... PJ ?:??
All I Can Give (feat. Saxy) (Jenö DJ-mix) PJ 4:33
All I Can Give (Mad Saxy mix) PJ feat. Saxy ?:??
All I Can Give (original vocal mix) PJ feat. Saxy ?:??
All I Can Give (Tribal Fusion mix) PJ feat. Saxy ?:??
All I Can Give (vocal dub) PJ feat. Saxy ?:??
All Over Jazz PJ ?:??
Can Ya Tell Me (original mix) PJ 6:58
Can't Fight This Feelin PJ ?:??
Dancing Keys PJ 4:16
Dub Dancin PJ ?:??
Elysian Fields (Stickmen remix) PJ ?:??
Feel Ya (Bluenote mix) PJ ?:??
Feel Ya (Crawlspace mix) PJ ?:??
Feel Ya (Crawlspace mix) PJ 5:22
Feel Ya (Crawlspace mix) PJ ?:??
Feelin Groovy PJ ?:??
Happy Days PJ 6:03
Happy Days PJ 3:21
Happy Days PJ 3:54
Happy Days PJ 4:35
Happy Days PJ 3:09
Happy Days Paul Jacobs 7:44
Happy Days PJ 3:23
Happy Days PJ 3:05
Happy Days PJ 3:51
Happy Days PJ ?:??
Happy Days Paul Jacobs 3:09
Happy Days (part of “Ministry of Sound: Funky House Classics” DJ‐mix) PJ 3:06
Happy Days (part of a “MoS: Clubber’s Guide to… Ibiza Summer Ninety Nine” DJ‐mix) PJ 2:42
Happy Days (part of a “The Disco Boys, Volume 1” DJ‐mix) PJ 3:58
Happy Days (Robert de la Gauthier DJ-mix) Paul Jacobs 10:20
Happy Days (95 North vocal) PJ ?:??
Happy Days (Avantgarde vs. Natural Born Grooves radio edit) PJ 3:38
Happy Days (original mix) PJ 7:41
Happy Days (Phats & Small Mutant disco vocal) PJ 5:35
Happy Days (Phats And Small Mutant Disco Vocal Edit) Paul Jacobs 3:23
Happy Days (Phats and Small Mutant Disco vocal) PJ ?:??
Happy Days (PJ's 99 remix) PJ 5:50
Happy Days (PJ's mix) PJ 4:22
Happy Days (PJ's mix) PJ ?:??
Happy Days (PJ's radio edit) PJ 3:09
Happy Days (PJ's Unreleased mix) PJ 6:06
Happy Days (Sharp Funky Mirror Ball mix) PJ 8:27
Happy Days (Sharp Funky Mirrorball mix) PJ 5:19
Happy Days (Unreleased mix) PJ 4:12
Happy Days (Unreleased mix) Paul Jacobs 3:04
Happy Days (Unreleased remix) PJ 4:48
Luv Will Make It Right (original mix) PJ 5:37
Luv Will Make It Right (original vocal) PJ ?:??
Mist Freaky Flow & PJ 4:19
Motocross Madness Paul Jacobs 3:27
Motocross Madness Paul Jacobs 3:07
Motocross Madness Paul Jacobs ?:??
Motocross Madness Paul Jacobs 1:22
Motorcross Madness (Sessions Summer 2007) Paul Jacobs presents Soul Grabber 3:29
Move Ya Feet PJ 4:04
P.J's Groove PJ ?:??
P.J's Trip PJ ?:??
Rip It Up Paul Jacobs 2:22
Soul Grabber Part 2 (part of “Steve Lawler: home” DJ-mix) Paul Jacobs 7:02
Soul Grabber Part 2 (Sample) Paul Jacobs 2:14
Soul Grabber Part 3 Paul Jacobs 4:02
Soul Grabber Part 4 Paul Jacobs 5:03
Soul Grabber, Part 3 PJ 3:25
Soul Grabber, Part 3 Paul Jacobs 5:12
Soul Grabber, Part 3 (vocal remix) PJ 3:53
Soul Grabber, Part Four Paul Jacobs ?:??
Soul Grabbers, Part 3 Paul Jacobs 0:28
Soulero (Jim "Shaft" Ryan DJ-mix) Paul Jacobs 4:46
Soulero! Paul Jacobs ?:??
Soulgrabber, Part 2 (Aggresive dub) Paul Jacobs 4:33
Stero Love PJ 2:54
Sweat Trap (Crawlspace mix) PJ ?:??
What About This Jazz PJ ?:??
Work It (Crawlspace dub) PJ ?:??

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