Brent Holmes

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Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Bear With a Fiddle in the Middle of the Woods 4:04
A Moose in a Treehouse 4:12
Backpack Tree 3:24
Bears Have Coats of Many Colors 2:34
Fun Facts About Bears 18:08
Fun Facts about Moose 12:54
Fur 3:11
Hey, Mister Moose 3:02
I Am a Very Handsome Moose 3:58
I Can't Wait to Hibernate 3:21
I See a Barefoot Bear 2:33
I'm a Big Chubby Bear With a Furry Little Tail 3:43
I'm a Moose and I Love My Lips 2:53
I'm a Moose With a Cowlick 3:26
I've Been Diggin' Out My Bear Den 2:38
Merry Christmoose Darlin' 4:06
Moose Don't Moo 3:21
Moose Tracks 3:06
My Paw's Bigger Than Your Paw 3:51
The Beanut Butter Bears 3:32
The Happy Moose Jam 2:39
The Marshmallow Moose 3:12
The Moose in the Middle of the Road 3:20
The Three Mooseketeers 3:11
There Ain't No Bugs on Me 3:30
There's a Chocolate Moose on the Loose 1:56
When You Find a Bear Cub's Teddy Bear 3:27

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