The Change

~ Group



Name ISRCs Rating Length
Bullets BEZ100800180 2:55
Common Disease BEZ100800230 3:24
Four More Years BEZ100800160 2:09
Punk Among the Punx BEZ100800190 2:53
Quote Death (When Roaches March) BEZ100800210 2:55
Rise and Shine BEZ100800140 2:35
Scream (Murder on Deer Moss) BEZ100800130 2:19
Share the Fun BEZ100800200 3:18
Skit (Deer Won't Kill) BEZ100800170 1:34
Sleepwalk Casualties BEZ100800120 2:49
The First Light BEZ100800150 3:10
X-Rated BEZ100800220 3:11

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