Rise of Day

~ Artist



Name ISRCs Rating Length
A Day to Remember 8:13
Anita Song 2:43
Before Everything Changes 6:29
Black Clouds Coming 3:37
Broke My Soul 5:41
Don't Turn Back, Just Go Ahead 9:26
Fly Into the Sky 5:10
From Light to Light Through the Darkness 5:58
Good Bye, Good Luck, I'm Gone 4:13
I Believe In... 3:08
Introduction 1:04
Jam (with My Friends) 1:57
Jam Ii. (with Our Friends) 2:38
Leaves in the Wind 4:15
Leaves in the Wind (DJ Peet remix) 5:26
Long Way Until the Return 4:26
Outroduction 1:03
Rest in Peace 7:19
Sadness in My Mind 3:54
The First Rays on the Horizon 4:59
The First Rays on the Horizon (acoustic) 4:22
The Tree of Life 6:17
This Is Not the End 7:09
To Regain of the Wasted Time 5:19
Touch of Darkness 10:57
Under the Water, in a Peaceful World 4:03

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