Can (German rock band)

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Name Artist ISRCs Rating Length
The Master and the Needle Can 1:10
The Withoutlaw Man CAN 4:19
Thief CAN 5 5:06
Thief CAN ?:??
Thief CAN ?:??
Tony Wanna Go CAN 14:31
Transcendental Express CAN 4:39
Transcendental Express CAN 4:39
Transcendental Express Can 4:37
True Story CAN DEX171225511 4:30
Turtles CAN 6:34
Turtles Have Short Legs CAN 3:06
Turtles Have Short Legs CAN 3:15
Turtles Have Short Legs CAN 3:02
Turtles Have Short Legs Can DEX171726005 3:25
Turtles Have Short Legs (A slightly shorter version became b-side to "Spoon.") CAN 3:35
TV Spot CAN 3:06
TV Spot CAN 3:03
TV Spot CAN 3:03
TV Spot Can 3:02
TV Spot (Bruce Gilbert mix) CAN 3:53
TV-Spot CAN 3:03
Under the Surface Can 6:33
Unfinished CAN 13:21
Unfinished (Hiller/Kaiser/Leda mix) CAN 6:02
Untitled CAN 23:18
Untitled CAN 7:14
Untitled CAN 11:51
Up the Bakerloo CAN 35:13
Up the Bakerloo Line With Anne CAN 18:49
Upduff's Birth CAN 16:40
Uphill CAN 6:26
Uphill CAN 6:39
Uphill CAN 6:17
Vernal Equinox CAN 8:48
Vernal Equinox CAN 13:05
Vernal Equinox (edit) Can DEX171726015 3:11
Vitamin C CAN DEX170420804
Vitamin C CAN 3:33
Vitamin C CAN 3:01
Vitamin C CAN 3:04
Vitamin C CAN 3:04
Vitamin C CAN 3:32
Vitamin C CAN 14:01
Vitamin C CAN DEX170410804 3:03
Vitamin C Can 4:46
Vitamin C CAN 5 8:39
Vitamin C Can ?:??
Vitamin C Can DEX171726007 3:33
Vitamin C Can 3:33
Vitamin C (part of “Tommy Guerrero: AnotherLateNight” DJ-mix) CAN 3:28
Vitamin C (U.N.K.L.E. mix) CAN 8:19
Vitamin C (U.N.K.L.E. mix) CAN 8:21
Waiting for the Streetcar CAN DEX171225502 10:08
WestBam Meets Can - …and More WestBam meets Can DEE199700006 2 3:44
When Darkness Comes CAN DEX171225506 3:48
Yoo Doo Right The Can DEX170420404 20:20
Yoo Doo Right CAN 14:25
Yoo Doo Right CAN 20:13
Yoo Doo Right (3P mix) CAN 4:13
You Doo Right CAN 20:19
Your Friendly Neighbourhood Whore CAN DEX171225510 3:43

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